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Winning design #532 by maxmix, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by maxmix

Project description

In short, we need a logo for our new company, provides an affordable, effective solution for mobile phone calling, SMS and data services while traveling. Customers keep their current mobile phone number, device and service provider, but get rates that are much more affordable when out of country. Our flagship product is a special SIM card for travel. In the future we will add additional services to make telecoms while traveling easier and more affordable. The logo will, in some cases, be printed on very small surfaces (e.g. SIM card), as well on banners, signs, etc.

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  • About #261. #262, #263 and #264 I have created a bright and simple logo that incorporates a sim card in the design. I have uploaded 4 different color variants.
  • Dear CH, Give me a feedback on my design #205. Ty
  • Dear Ch, my entry no. #218 has concept of phone or SIM card which can service globally...hope it can help you seek the right one...any request of change is greatly appreciated.
  • I just updated the brief slightly. I added the fact that our flagship product is a special SIM card for the users phone.
  • The stamp is an interesting idea, Emaginat. What about a passport stamp?
  • Great idea avanindra, but isn't the "talk" button usually s green phone icon? The square is usually "stop" isn't it?
  • About #217 "ram" and".ly" in simple words whereas "O" is represented by Talk button. Hope you'll like it. Thanks
  • #211 & #210 are made exactly to be printed on surfaces like a sim card,without a lot of graphics on it.
  • Hello Dear, I have posted two designs #213, #214...I would like to hear from you, I am ready to do any modification in design, If you like the design then I will explain you its purpose, Thanks :)
  • #212 A little shadow and shine here and there. Check it out!
  • Hi CH..this is my concept #207 #208..hope you like it.. thanks,
  • #81 is just a draft. Change in colors and shadings can be revised once reviewed. Thanks for your time. Regards; Jctoledo
  • Re uploaded with correct dimensions #182, please take a look.
  • Hey, I'd love some feedback on my design #64 thanks!
  • about #149. The icon is a stamp, because a stamp is official, and it travels all over the world. The symbol in the middle is like a compass, which symbolizes(nwes)wherever you go things will stay the same with your service. Feedback would be great with this design.
  • Hello ddobbin, Please check out #141 which are both color, black and white variations and different sizings of #93 #95 #99 I created combinations of both a wordmark and a lettermark for you, which are flexible and can be used apart or with each other. It emphasizes global roaming with the three communication services you emphasized in your brief along with a statement on affordability (hence the "¢" symbol on the logo). I hope this answers to most of what you need. Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks! Conrad
  • Can you give me your feedback on #61 and some way to improve it? Thanks alot!
  • As a clarification, it may be useful to know that the logo, at times will be printed on very small surfaces, as well as on traditional materials (cards, stationary, banners, etc). Please keep this in mind.
  • Dear CH, Please check my new entries #123 I hope you like it. Nadav Design
  • #122 & #118 Hi CH, Those are my entries. Good feedback is much appreciated. Thank you an more power! Deecarreon