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Winning design #143 by irfadesign, Logo Design for Robinson & Company Auctioneers Contest
Gold Medal

designed by irfadesign

Project description

Looking for a clean, professional, easily recognizable logo. Will be used in several different forms. No greens/yellows. Open to all other color suggestions. Red doesn't need to be primary color.

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  • I LOVE this concept! I like the open ended "R's" in the gavel but I would like to see a closed "R" in the name. I am not crazy about the chosen font. Maybe more blocky, bold, etc. I want it be easily seen and recognizable. I like the colors but I don't know if the silver works or not. It's hard for me to see. A few changes and this could be the winner. Very nice! #143
    • About #143, @jrobinson5151
      Thanks for this feedback. I've revise designs according to your suggestions. Please, look at this link ( Thank you.

  • I like this concept. The gavel would need to by symmetrical, though (top to bottom). I would like to use "Co" instead of "Company" and could you experiment with bolder/classier fonts? No greens as colors. Maybe blues, silvers, black??? #44
    • @jrobinson5151 Hi, Entry #72 and #73 are the revised version of entry #44. Kindly check CH. Thanks :) PROmethean

  • Hope you like this #112
  • Hi CH

    Try to going back to original concept.
    A gavel with Robinson & Co for the handle, i think all the copy cats out there just going too far from the original one

    Thanks #82
  • Here is logo with color variation
    Thanks #104
  • Hi
    Here is my first proposal, thanks for your comments and feedback in order to improve it
    Greetings #103
  • @jrobinson5151

    Hi CH,
    Good day!
    Please check my new entries. I'm looking forward for your feedback.
    Feel free to eliminate those entries that you don't like. Thank you.

  • hello CH kindly check my logo proposal to your company i hope you like it
    thank you:) #95
  • Hi CH
    if you like and have any suggestion about my original concept please let me know
    and let me improve until i got what you want
    Thanks #77
  • why everyone copying my original concept?
    please be original guys
  • Thanks for all your submissions. I have eliminated all that didn't fit the design I'm looking for. The ones left are about what I'm looking for, but I would like to see more variations of those. Thanks!
    • @jrobinson5151 Thanks for the feedback CH.

  • @jrobinson5151

    Hi CH,

    I appreciate the feedback and specially your rating. Here's my new entry with a symmetrical gavel, clearer and bolder font with blue and dark gray color variation.

    PROmethean #70
  • You are on the right track. I don't think I care for the "R" being inside the gavel, though. I'm not crazy about the font selection. Try to use blues, silvers for colors. Thanks! #52
  • Logo is designed as per brief. Feedback is most welcome. #43
  • at wall #42
  • look me please... #37
  • look me please... #36
  • or maybe like this? #35
  • some variation of color #34
  • you mean like this, sir?