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Winning design #92 by GabrielaPerdomo, Logo Design for Robokids Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GabrielaPerdomo

Project description

Robokids is a after-school education center where, children between 4-14 years old will build robots using LEGO EDUCATION bricks and sets. Here, they will also learn how to program and do STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities. 

We need a logo and a sign.  The logo should preferably be (or include) a robot. The logo may or may not include the name Robokids. 

The sign should definitively have ROBOKIDS as a writing. Under ROBOKIDS it should also write Education Center.

You may use red, green, blue and yellow from LEGO's colors.

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  • Hi, I have revised the original design submission based on your recommendations with changes to the gears and to the robot to make him look cuter and happier. I would love to hear your thoughts. Kindest regards. #125
  • Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with a Logo Proposal for Robo Kids Education Center. With all my designs, I always read the brief carefully to ensure that I have understood what the client is looking for. Therefore, I would ask if you could kindly provide feedback as it is invaluable in enabling me to achieve the most accurate design for your needs. Kindest regards. #78
    • About #78, @CreateDesign About #78, @CreateDesign Well done and thank you. Can you do a few more variations, making the robot even cuter. Try a robot whose both eyes are the same size. The gears in letters 'o' have very deep teeths. the one in #72 seems better to me. Your design is one the favorites. Good luck

  • (O+O = eyes) + (blocks 3D) + plug + smile = ROBOKIDS / Education Center #73
  • please feedback sir :) #70
  • REC-1

    Hi, here's my draft concept: I've composed an original robot figure which combines LEGO pieces, LEGO Education and LEGO robotics in a simple and fun way, as the little robot in construction proudly puts a mortarboard over his head.
    The font combo is also custom and tailored to recall both LEGO graphics and colors. If you like this concept, let me know what changes/adjustments you'd like to see in order to flesh out the icon set as well. #67
  • Forgot to mention, the sign will be horizontal.
  • Hello @gunayyurtsever ! Here is my design: original lego robot with catchy "tech" font layout. Let me know if you like it ! #57
  • It will show the whole thing you want. #49
  • it will include the whole thing as you want
    1. Robot
    2. Color
    3. Vision is in ROBOT Chest i.e. STEM
    4. A single Robot is a symbol of ROBOKIDS #48
  • New concept #46
  • Comments and feedback welcome. I'm happy to show other color options if requested. Thanks. #30 #31
  • Few more points:
    1. Make sure that you have both a logo/mascot (robot) and a ROBOKIDS sign
    2. You may try the logo/ the sign also with a perspective, and 3D.
    3. In addition to nice fonts and writing style, you may also try the ROBOKIDS writing to include some icons for science, technology, engineering, math, education, design related things. Here, we will also do maker workshops with children. Like the one image that I included in what I like (KODLAMAKER)
    4. Remember the age group is 4-14 years old children.
  • Please send me your feedback on my submission to improve designs.
    Thanks, #22
  • This can be very nice for a sign. Would be more complete if it can have a Robot as logo/mascot. #20
  • please give me feedback for my logo design. #18
  • please give me feedback for my logo design. #17
  • please give me feedback for my logo design. #16
  • please give me feedback for my logo design. #15
  • please give me feedback for my logo design. #14
  • please give me feedback for my logo design. #12