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Winning design #222 by operhal, Logo Design for ROCK gimbal Contest
Gold Medal

designed by operhal

Project description

We would like our Logo to incorporate our company name ROCK gimbal. The product is a electronic mechanical stabilisation device that is a hand held mount for high end cinema cameras. The ROCK gimbal allows for stable rock solid footage to be shot while moving in erratic and unstable ways. The ROCK gimbal allows stable footage to be created in ways not possible with traditional mechanical only "Steadi Cams". The ROCK gimbal is a tough looking hard edged professional tool, we would like our logo to reflect this. We are after a bold looking "ROCK" that leaves an impression. "ROCK" MUST BE CLEAR TO READ and powerful, "gimbal" should be much smaller and supplementary. Primarily a black background logo with white or silver and ONE feature colour (Red or Blue or a powerful looking Green etc) Designs with more than 1 feature colour will NOT be considered . We like the look of graded or shaded colour graduation. Please look at uploaded files of product for inspiration. AND a logo we like. "gobo games"

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  • HI let me be the first to upload. I incorporated a gimbal into the logo, i used strong characters. feedback is welcome. Andrei
    • Nice work Andrei, Though we would like to keep "ROCK" clearly defined. Perhaps more macho font.

    • Thanks for the feedback and rating. I redid the logo with a masculine font, helvetica bold.

    • after seeing your updates, i uploaded #21. I am working on soemthing else too.

  • Loving #17 , any chance of this with black back ground like #5 with the washed carbon look?
    • Thank you for your feedback, I will make that option and post it soon as possible. best regards

    • Hi again, there is version you asked for, please check #53 and let me know.

    • |--|

      operhal {*wrote*}:
      Hi again, there is version you asked for, please check #53 and let me know.
      |--| #53 looks really nice, Would it possible to see with the "R' a more similar colour o the font? Possible less course white stuff!! Really nice though thanks!

    • Thanks!I am glad that you like my design. I will make corrections soon as possible.

  • #70 is cool, maybe add texture to the Logo too.
    • Thank you! Please check this correction #79 I add some depth and texture. I hope you will like it. Best regards

    • You can eliminate #78 i notice some grey shadow on it that's why I upload #79 :)

  • Hi I took the time to make something more in the style you seem to like. I've put in a camera objective lens, rock stable near the brand name. check #77 and give me some of your thoughts, Thanks Andrei
  • Very impressive!, would love to see some variations in texture, positioning and colour.
    • Thank you so much! I will make more options for you to see.

    • Hi again, there is my entry #64 - with some texture on it as well as colors option. Please let me know what you think. Also, please check #67 best regards

    • Looks great. Is there any way to make the R look a little less pixelated. maybe smooth a little? liking your designs! very talented.

  • #71 a little too busy
  • I do not know if it is possible, but the ROCK will turn footage the was shaky to smooth footage. Is this useable?
  • Hello CH. I have submitted #69, I hope it is to your liking. Thanks
  • Quite like the red dot in the middle of the "O" reminds one of the record button on a camera.
  • your entry is too much like entry 17 please be original
  • Too soft a look. Main feature should be the brand "ROCK". Thanks
  • Hi CH I want a new logo upload Please give me a rating. . .
  • Too hard to read. Not bold enough.
  • About #48 Thanx for rating me. I upload a new please check this.
  • Too hard to read. ROCK must be clear and powerful
  • Like the colours and concept. Too hard to read though.
  • Loving the joint fonts, but if we can keep it so ROCK is clearly legible would best for us. Thanks
  • Little more info, We like the designs with the smaller "gimbal" text, so to not draw attention from ROCK. Some really nice designs coming in. Like the idea #26 has with incorporating Gimbal into the text!
  • Really like your "Mohs martial arts" previous entry! Please take a look at the uploaded files for inspiration and combine it with your Mohs theme. We are open to feature colours other than blue, that red you used is very nice.
    • Thank you for your rating. I will try to make more options with this concept and if you have something specific in mind - please let me know. Best regards

  • too vague and simple