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Winning design #175 by jww, Logo Design for Rock Paper Sugar Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jww

Project description

We do extreme custom cakes and adorable paper crafts. We are not party planners, but party planners hire us to create desserts and decor/party favors. We are very fun and creative, but we need help on a logo. We want to keep it cutesy, yet elegant; easy to read, and easily printable on all sorts of materials. We are open to any color.

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  • We like this a lot...what are the names of the fonts you used? #175
  • Here is my design , take a look :) #188
  • original sugar font #187
  • Can you quickly change the sugar font back to the original one you had but keep the pink color? #171
    • About #171, @caseyjanebarrett Yes of course

  • I used the concept of an origami cupcake. I hope you like. I am open for changes. Thank you. #180
  • font option for sugar.. #172
  • another font option for sugar... #171
  • option with dark brow color #170
  • corrections you asked for... #169
  • We love the "logo" part...I think the changes made are perfect...Now, the only thing we'd possibly want to change is the font for the words...Can we see a few options for the font? I think we mostly want to see a change in the Sugar font...we like the whimsical look, but can I see a few more options? Perhaps the paper can be more of a "type" font, similar to a times roman font- something that you would see on a document or something... Also, can you incorporate pink in the fonts somewhere? We like the colors Pink and Blue with either a brown/grey or a black like you have it. Thanks! #131
  • Can the ribbon wrap around the words instead of in the background? Also, perhaps all one color for the ribbon. Thanks! #138
    • Certainly! I'll do it in both colors. About #138, @caseyjanebarrett

  • A Semi-rough draft.. can adjust colors and font. Hope you enjoy! #158
  • Designers...why all of sudden start using paper airplane in your design? This is copying entry 116, this is a unique idea not requested by the contestholder. Be original and come up with your own unique original ideas/concepts!
  • Hi @caseyjanebarrett rate my design please
    i hope you will like !
    thank you #148
  • Ribbon backing for both Rock color variances. Please let me know what you think! #138
  • Instead of a shape, can this have a squiggly line, like a ribbon, going around the words somehow? #10
    • Sure thing! Would you like to see both the blue and gray-brown "rock" or just the blue?About #10, @caseyjanebarrett

  • I like this, but without the two mountain peaks. I think just the paper airplane and sugar cubes and then a squiggly line but without the creation of a mountain would be really cute! #130
  • We are interested in this design...can we see font changes? I like the idea of Rock being in a a block letter type font, the paper in a traditional font like Times Roman, and then Sugar in a whimsical font. #76
  • option with diamond instead of mountain.. #132
  • another option for mountain.. #131