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This has been a dream come true! The way the designers act on comments is awesome. We will be using this again when we need to.. Thanks :) you rock!

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Winning design #65 by acid, Logo Design for Rockband Logo Contest
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designed by acid

Project description

We (Blackbriar) are looking for a logo which we can use for our Backdrop/Merchandise/Website/Posters Flyers etc. Our bandname is: Blackbriar a 'Blackbriar' is a black wild rose/thorn. I've uploaded an image for inspiration. (other band logos we like) Also there an image called Blackbriar_presskit_01.jpg thats our band picture! !! We are definitly looking for something like any of thoes bandlogos !! We are NOT a DEATH-METAL band.. <--!!!! Inspiration in words: STRONG, POWERFULL, AGRESSIVE, HARD, AWESOME, ROCK, METAL, DARK, MYSTERIOUS, CREEPY Extra information: We are not looking for an obvius black-rose-thorn logo. But it's okay to use it in a subtle way. Thorns might look cool!!!!!!!!! Maybe a Black rose would look cool as an icon (like the halestorm logo the O is changed into an icon) Something like that would be nice.... But it's not necessary. Just remember, that we are a Metalrock band and we are looking for something people would wanne wear, or people would say 'thats an awesome logo' NO DEATHMETAL LOGOS PLEASE :) And one again; Rose-Thorns are OKAY to work with!!! *** The rating is just temp-rating!, we will be seriously rating at the end *** I hope i've giving you all enough information! Best Regards, Patrick

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  • Dear Designers, We are not quite there yet.... We would love to see something totaly different from all the entrys that have been made so far. It all starts to look the same :) Hopefully there will be some totally different designs in the next few days, that will make it easier for us to pick a winner. Greetings BB
  • Hi GJRDesign, Thank you for your entry! This one looks better then the one with the gradient.. We'll keep this is the running! :) thanks
  • Hello Neverwint Thank you for your Entry! This looks good!! We'll keep it in the running!
  • Hello GJRDesign, Thank you for your entry! The latest version looks the best to me... the rest i am going to eliminate!
  • GJR
    Hello, I submitted #23 and noticed an error but I ran out of time to withdraw. I've uploaded #24 as a replacement. I hope you and the other members of the band like it! Regards.
  • Hello Dologo, Thank you for your entry!!! This looks good aswell. Thanks for that, i like the way you used the rose in this one.. The first entry with the iconic use of a rose!! The Leadsinger will appriciate this one!
    • Thanks for your feedback. And let's hope it's the leadsinger gets the last word when they decide ;-). Please let me know if there's something you like me to change/work on on the logo.

    • hehe Thanks!.. Well maybe the font issnt strong enough.. (too easy?)

  • Hello Nandnuliz, Thanks for your entry.. Im sorry to inform you that this entry is not what we are looking for. Regards
  • Hello YoungDesign, Our band name is: Blackbriar. Not black air, briarblacks or blackabs :P hehe
  • Thanks for this one ACID! this also looks very nice... The only problem here is that Blackbriar is a single word. We won't be using our name as 2 seperate words "Black Briar" <-- is a no go.. I do like the styling though if you would manage to get it fixed into 1 word that would be awesome!
  • Hello Glen, Thanks for the awesome entry!! I like this one aswell... good job on the thorns & font. !!
  • Look at my entry #14. And provide me some feedback. :)
    • Hello AcaSBC, Thank you for your entry!!! I think it is a bit to much with the lines and stuff. If you'd make it a bit more subtle i think it would work better.

  • Does it can be a some detail of flower, is that a good idea for logo? Thanks CH.
    • It's always worth a shot!! I can't tell you if it will work or not, we'll have to see it i guess.

  • Hey Acid, I really like all of these!!! Every single version of it has something else that's awesome!!! Unfortunatly im not the only one that gets to pick our new logo! But i must say you are doing a pretty good job. Like i said before, can you do something with rose-thorns? (just the thorns perhaps).. the spikey things on a rose bush hehehe.. I think the lead-singer of the band would really appriciate that! For the rest, there's no small detail that will change the fact that it's a good logo for us, and it will suit us! I must say im really curious what else you can come up with, perhaps you can really blow our minds with a completly different aproach ?
  • Hey Malagon1, Im sorry but this entry is also not quite what we are looking for... Please take a close look at our inspirational image we added to this contest.. You might get an better idea of what we need. Greetings!!
  • Hello Acid, Thank you for your entry! That looks pretty nice! I like it, (let's hope the rest of the band does too) hehe.. If you have any more entries feel free to share them i really like this style!! 1 more think; can you try something with SUBTLE thorns in the logo? That might convince the singer ;p hehe - Sublte thorns - a Subtle blackrose?? lemme know! thanks again i like it!
  • Hey Malagon1, Thank you for your entry. Im sorry to inform you that your entry issnt anywhere close to what we are looking for. Thanks for trying to help us out!!! Greetings!
    • Thank you for the feedback. I will try a different approach and i would like to know what you think.

  • Hello Seegor, I like your entry! It's not quite there yet but i do like it.. I like the style, but i do think it is a little to unreadable.. perhaps if it would be a little clearer what it said we would get alot closer! another issue here is that blackbriar is a single word. (atleast the way we use it).. Blackbriar not black briar briar black or cooky pan :P Greetings from holland :D
  • Hello Sajid, Thank you for your entry... I think your logo is nice, but not close enough to what we are looking for. Did you look at our inspiration image? Thoes logos are more of a unity.. and powerfull!
    • hi thank you for your rating and comments submitting no #2 for your preview thank you

    • The rating was a small mistake :P i didnt actually rate 1 on your first design. haha Anyways I like what your doing, but it all seems to simple to me. Please take a close look at the inspiration i gave you, thoes 'logos' are not just a font + icon. the logo's are a unity. and that's what we are looking for.. I hope i gave you something to work with, if you need any additional info just ask me :)

  • We will keep this one to our considderation
  • Thanks for your entry noxjk, We will keep this one to our considderation.