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Winning design #149 by arbin, Logo Design for RockPay Logo Contest Contest
Gold Medal

designed by arbin

Project description

RockPay will be the new modern way of mobile payments. It will enable customers to pay via scanning QR codes directly from mobile phones. RockPay - the payments that will rock the World! We need: 1. Logo must recognizable, and not mismatched with other payment systems logo 2. The mini-logo will be placed next to payment QR-codes (like a label or bellow the code), so customers will recognize the QR codes on products in advertisments and newspapers as "those" QR codes, which will enable them to instantly buy products. So our RockPay codes will not be ignored as just another information QR codes. The logo must contain an element that can be recognized on a small scale. It can be a fancy letter R , RP or a symbol which will in any way be connected to payments / mobile payments / rocking payments ;).

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  • Thank you all for your entries! About the colors: there is only one condition - the logo must look good on white background. You can use any colors you want. The logo must contain an element that can be recognized on a small scale. It can be a fancy letter R , RP or a symbol which will in any way be connected to payments / mobile payments / rocking payments ;). RockPay
  • Hello CH I just enterd your contest with #7. Enjoy. Thank you!
  • could you provide a version with a lighter shadow on the pick?
  • This would be a good logo for a sniper game, but not for mobile payments.
  • Pretty nice :) Only the RockPay font could be better.
  • the symbol is good, but the font is not ok.
  • great font!
  • i hope there will be positive feedback for design #45.
  • This looks cool :). Please provide us with a bi-colored version. This is a little to much a'la design.
  • Thank you for your entry. This design is not in our taste, because we want something more modern.
  • #37 Greetingz "RockPlay" Client Brief descriptive memory about my Work. I have study most of the major brands related to payments online and i did try to grab the concept and making it familiar to users reforcing credebility and safety. The brand sharp with a nice frame so it is perfect for Mobile because it handels a huge reduction and does not affect the quality of the brand. Plus it can become a unique icon that people recognize by it self without the "Type". The minimal shape of the Rock Guitar "Nail" is universal. I think this project fills all your needs towards the success in mobile payments. Other colors can be applyed. Best regards, Joao Ferrand
  • hey how's my design contest holder? entry no #18 tnx
  • Very good idea, one of the best logos so far. Please find a better font. Please provide also versions with different colors. This purple looks very cool, but it resembles coloristcs, which is a different payment system (of a very poor quality and services level) and can be miss-matched by potential customers.
  • maybe you could find a better mobile icon ?
  • #26 is a new aproach. without the tagline, if you want I can add that. The symbol to be used is not the R, not the P , but the K in the middle, because it's unexpected and intriguing... Thanks
  • Your entry was found to have copied elements from the following design:
  • Dear CH, Ijust submitted #81...... thank you, all feedback welcomed.. DM
  • Dear RockPay thanks for your feedback, im working in a new proposal with a moder phone and submit soon. Best regads Moimeme
  • this has a potential, but how it will look on dark backgrounds ?
  • Well done! We think this is the best concept so far. It looks good on any background and is readable and recognizable in small scale. Even on the favicon scale the pick with RP letters can be easly recognized. And those are the factors we care about. You should now try to improve the outlook by playing with some more versions of tone/gradient/shadow combinations to reach the perfection.