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Winning design #139 by MKH017, Logo Design for RockStub Contest
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designed by MKH017

Project description

I'm looking for a logo consisting of a Rocket w/ stars somehow mixed in or not...completely open. The name of the company is RockStub Heavy inspiration would be in which to base the logo on Also like Please reference example files

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  • Or maybe use white for text or a darker silver for first part of text against the lighter silver backdrop...if you could show me a few different options that would be great.
  • Hi, If you could change the text to all red, all yellow, and all green so I can see each. Thanks
  • Dear CH, About #80..color of the text is fine with you? cause if i made a silver background on the text the rock cant be seen. so what do you prefer? red yellow or green? Thanks. Best Regards MKH017
  • Also, I'd like to see this in yellow, but inside light translucent silver, yellow ribbon, yellow stars
  • Can I see this with silver inside of circle...also make the silver lighter, almost translucent. Thanks
  • to ch about #87. I put a r and a swirly s in the circle icon for this logo. Feedback would be great. Thanks
  • CH Thank you for responding to my comments Regards SJK
  • Just a message to all of the designers- Keep up the great work! It's much appreciated and a winner will surely be chosen in this competition! Thanks to all!
  • Hi, I appreciate all of your designs and effort. I'm looking for a clean, crisp design, which you and many other of the designers have provided thus far. Some are very close and I'll know it when I see it. Thanks
  • Hi CH, thank you for rating the entries, however do you have any feedback to help progress with the designs Regards SJK
  • Please find my entries #71 , #72 , #73 , #74 , #75 , #76 . Any feedback greatly appreciated (Colour, Fonts etc) Regards SJK
  • #68 mint green color scheme. modifications are welcome. thanks; jctoledo
  • Dear CH, May i request your feedback on my design entry #55. Thank you.. Best Regards, Finestroke
  • Hi, Can I see #66 in a mint green color scheme. Thanks.
  • Hi, -for #57 shade interior of circle silver as well -make ribbon circling it the mint green used in the interior of #57 -keep rocket in silver w/ mint green stars -additionally show me rocket in mint green w/ mint green stars. Also show me this same coloring scheme, but in the yellow you used for #18. Total of 4 additional design color schemes or anymore you color schemes you think of yourself. Thanks
  • Third party images not allowed.
  • Dear CH, Here are my new entry #56 #57 #58 #59.Hope you like it thanks Best regards MKH017
  • Can you fix the "s" on stub in #11, and add stars and show me a few different color options. Red for both words to start. Thanks
  • Can I see the circle portion in a more spherical (round as opposed to flat) sense, and use the same silver color pattern you used for #18...the silver in #18 for the apple looks brighter/ more vibrant. I would like to see the rocket, stars, ribbon, and text in different colors... I like the yellow you used before, and maybe try a mint green or any other variations and colors you can provide for both text and design. I like it how it is now, but want to see slight variations in color, and design. Thanks.
  • Please find my entries #44 , #45 , #47 , #48 , #49 , #50 , #51 , #52 . Any feedback greatly appreciated (Colour, Fonts etc) Regards SJK