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Winning design #63 by SiPilyo, Logo Design for Rockxposure Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SiPilyo

Project description

Design a logo with text "Rockxposure" and the bottom line "The Fine Art Of Rock Photography". See my webpage for the feel of it. Logo must be horizontal (as seen on left top corner of the page) Need sexy powerful rock look. No boring design please. It should scream ROCK N ROLL!!!! It will go on website, company letter head, watermarks, business cards, promotional brochures. Please try to see UFC logo designs. I like metal brush elements on letters, also like logos like this: Also please look at this: I like red uppercase ROCK and deep blue "xposure" steel blue in lower case in front and right of ROCK... Can you do that?

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  • Thank you for being the first to submit the design! The reason I am looking for new logo, to make it cool looking, easy readable and clean. You kept the dirty look which I didn't like in my current logo. Please try clean, easy readable design with brighter colors matching my first image in slideshow series on the front page - screaming ROCK N ROLL!
  • I like the top design. White "X" does't really work for my eye... Too much contrast.. Than I say "balanced" look, I didn't mean "rock" suppose to be exact same length as "xposure". Same exact letters - yes. Now rock letters look wider than xposure.. Can you please try make exact same fonts for the whole word (except X)? Thanks!
  • I generally like it, but main reason I am moving from my current website logo is that lots of people said it is hard to read.. I need easy readable and momentary remembered logo :-) This design might be hard to read for some people...
    • Got it sir, i will submit my new submission very soon, thanks to clear me your views.

  • Welcome to the contest! Nice entry! My only concern is rock looks like blood.. It feels like violence.. Please make it same color, but no blood look. Thanks!
    • thanks to like my design and gave a valuable feedback, i submitted revised design #50, please check it, please inform me if you need any changing required. thanks

  • I did mean you keep xposure font and size, make rock the same font as xposure. You increased xposure part and it lost it appearance. Also, "x" letter was great in initial - now it has more horizontal elements and it's too much fo my taste :-) Color X doesn't work. PLease keep original xposure part and match red "rock" font to right part of the logo. Thanks!!
    • Hi CH, the word ROCK and EXPOSURE is already in the same font. Also you mean, make the size of ROCK same as the size of "POSURE"?

    • yes, same size, it looks unbalanced from left to right. So far it is best design. just make it nicely balanced look. Thanks!

  • Take a look in my new design #47 , i have made some modifications in font of XPOSURE, and i have put in the middle a photography machine. Hope you like it, thank's
    • No, please remove the camera form the design. It makes it look cheaper than it is. Remove and we will keep this design as one of the final candidates without changes. I like it. Thanks!

    • OK i will make the changes in last design and i upload it, If you want any modifications in the designs just tell it to me. Thank you very much.

  • last letter E is not clearly readable, i like the font, don't change it, just change last letter please.
  • Thank you for joining! I like the colors and gradient on letters, but it is hard to read for the user. My main complain about current logo - it is hard to read. Thanks
    • Thank's for the feedback and the corrections. Hope you like any of next designs

  • not bad at all. Don't like dotted line inside xposure though. See if you can play with colors brightness to make it pop a little...
    • The outline it isn't with dot's, seems dotted because it's small, check out the last one #35 with big silver outline.

    • Not bad at all! Just make sure if it will look consistent on business cards, watermarks, business documents, T-shirts etc. Don't want to see dotted effect on small sizes as business cards. Thanks!

    • Can you see the new one #41 ? Any feedback if you like or not, the font is OK or you don't like it? Thank's

  • please make the whole headline in white
  • get rid of the brackets and make the whole headline in white color please
  • I really like this one! What if we try to use same font for ROCK as for xposure? still red, same font (not upper case) to balance the whole thing? Also, not sure but see if we can keep red rock and blue posure but make "X" a different color matching the color schema? Just my ideas, not sure if this will work :-) You are the leader so far, really like your ideas!! Thanks a lot!
  • Generally, pretty cool. I don't like dotted border line - please make it shiny steel. Also, "K" character in ROCK, I would like to see the whole character bold - upper right part thin and doesn't look consistent. Blue color is not yet what I like, try please other shades of blue, steel blue is the idea. The white text line look good up there, but my concern, it wont be readble on business cards, document headers etc. Too small. Please try to move it down the logo and make font more readable. My main concern with old existing logo - complains that it is hard to read. Thank you!
    • Thank you for rating and feedback. Look at my new design's #31 , #34 with silver and more big outline, the blue of "XPOSURE" have changed and the "K" has become thicker the upper top. I'm waiting for feedback for the change's you want or if you like it. Thank's

  • Not bad! Thank you for entering contest! Like an idea, very original. I don't like blue color here. Would you please try to play with different shades of blue. Look at entry #16. I kinda like these colors... Also, I appreciate if you keep going generating other ideas. THANK YOU!
  • Hi. I really like your ideas! Would you please continue playing with colors? I like blue color as seen in entry #23.. Also, keep red gradient and try to see if xposure will look better flat (may be not, not sure..) Also, you missed a word in headline - The Fine Art Of Rock Photography
  • i like blue color on top and red color on bottom example. fonts? not really like yet... Please continue playing with fonts...
  • Hi CH Have submitted New #26. Feedback on that will be appreciated thanks
  • I have to eliminate this. As I mention before, my main problem with my current logo design is - not easy to read, hard on viewer's eye... This logo is even harder to read. Sorry.
  • Hi CH New #21. Feedback on that will be appreciated thanks
  • Please try to play with xposure positioning (moving little left-right) to see better fit.. Also make xposure fonts taller a bit. Blue color is too acid - please play with blue palette to find better match... Thanks!