Rohy's Painting

Although a first a little apprehensive,my first experience was the best experience, can it get any better! I loved the interface and loved working with all the designers. They were extremely accommodating event after the contest had closed, something that I was worried about.

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Winning design #136 by Lubbie, Logo Design for Rohy's Painting Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Lubbie

Project description

Residential and Commercial painting company looking at renewing its look, taking it from a family run business feel to a more corporate and professional feel. Have been using a primitive logo for the past 15 years. Cliental aimed at large building companies and architects, and developers. Do do smaller jobs for public also. Would like to have a logo that could be remembered. Attached is the old logo. Re-designing of the existing logo would be desirable but not limited to it. It would have to have a more sophisticated look and feel. After seeing some of the designs, I would like to see some redesigns of the existing logo as well.

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  • Dear CH. Do you have any feedback on #113? More pro text? Or logo?
  • Thank you for your feedback for my designs. I have submitted 5 designs including @14 and #16. Please help me submitting more designs. i have worked on few more designs.
  • Perhaps, change the font on rohys and give it a more professional feel.
    • Hello! I just submitted a revised version (#112) with a different font and also brought the paint swipe further into the text. Please provide feedback if you would like to see any additional modifications. Thank you!

  • Hi, Greetings for the day. Kindly have a look at my design #108. Your valuable comments awaited.
  • Hello CH, Do check on my design #106. Appreciated for any comments and feedback given.
  • Try making the R into a paint stroke and intersecting the Rohys Painting. Would most likely need to use another font.
    • About #105 Revised changes to brush stroke and Rohy's Painting on one line. Also variations of the brush stroke and also in spectrum Thank You

  • Fantastic for a house painter thought our company usually works with comercial clients.
    • Hello CH, Before I submit my design, what type of symbol would best represent comercial work? Just to be clear, you don't want "houses" in the design?

    • Hi Marvel, Thanks for your design. I am not sure what symbol would represent comercial work. Its just the way you integrated the house was nice but didn't have that comercial feel. From the other designs, when the letters and paint swipes have tastefully been integrated into the symbol, without it looking budget, I think they are in the right direction. If I get a better sense of what symbol I will let you know. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the feedback, I think you have me confused with another designer though.. I haven't uploaded a design yet, just preparing.. about to upload now..

    • Here is my design #97... The symbol is a paint roller and paint stroke.. which come together to create the shape of an "R" for Rohy's... - Marvel

  • Hello! I've submitted three designs for your consideration: #69, #84 and #86. Based on your feedback to other entries, I think you might particularly like #86. Please let me know if you would like to see any alternate fonts/colors/etc. Thanks!
    • Thanks for your design. I liked them and left you some feedback. Perhaps also try intersecting the swipe through the text or making it a little more tighter.

  • Perhaps, try consolidating and making it tighter.
  • Not bad, maybe with a little more work.
  • Perhaps, change the font to a more professional one, increase the size of the paint stroke and have it intersect with the text
  • Maybe, the paint circle could look more like paint but not cheap, and perhaps let it intersect with the text.
  • Thank you for your design. I am looking for something more corporate.
  • Dear CH. I have submitted my new design #83. Thanks for any feedback.
  • Dear CH, I have submitted design #73 for your review and feedback. Thank you, Zdmikol
  • Hello, what do you think about #65 ? If you like it and think it needs any changes please let me know.
  • hi Ch, Please see these #61, #63, and #64 entries i have submitted hope you will like. if you need any changes then please feel free to comment. thank you, best regards, Arbin
  • What do you think about #51 or #52 Thanks for any feedback.
  • Please withdraw #39. It was submited by mistake. Thank you!
    • sure thing.

    • #45 too, what is it about rohy's? :p please check #46 regards Mohit

  • This one is the closest from the recent set you have submitted. Just need it a little more corporate.