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Winning design #69 by watz, Logo Design for Roller Derby Contest
Gold Medal

designed by watz

Project description

Niagara Roller Girls are looking for an unique logo, that is athletic, feminine, and eye-catching. We would like to keep it clean, since it will most likely be cut in vinyl, and printed on shirts. And it should be something that can be produced in both black & white and colour.

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  • Hi CH. Please find my entries #18 , #19 , #20 , #21 , #22 , #23 . Colours and fonts can be changed without hesitation Regards SJKelly
  • Also the name is Niagara Roller Girls doe snot have a "The" in front or it is not "rolling girls" thank you
  • you can check out to get some logo ideas. We would love an Athletic look. A few of our fav derby logos are Rat City, Circle City, DC Roller Girls, Queen City Roller Girls, Wasatch Roller Derby.
  • Hi CH. Please find my entries #1 , #2 , #3 , #4 . Colours and fonts can be changed without hesitation. I have tried to follow the brief as accurately as I can, kept the design sharp and clean as requested and it also reproduces well in black and white. Any feedback greatly appreciated Regards Sjkelly
  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests, the art you used is found here
  • Hi CH. Please find my amended entries #41 , #42 , #43 . Feedback greatly appreciated Regards SJK
  • #37 apologies for the miss spelling but if you like the concept or want to see any changes then please let me know and i will make all the alterations. Thanks
  • Hi CH, please check my designs.... thanks..........
  • Hi CH. Thank you for the feedback. Please find my amended entry #59 . Further feedback greatly appreciated, please recommend colours you would like to see. Regards SJK
  • Too close to rat city logo
  • figure, looks to masculine.
  • nice artwork, we need less detail
  • Like the falls, can we make the girl less sexy?
  • To cartoony
  • Like the concept!!
  • About #24: I would be delighted to present you a more feminine skater (which is already done), but unfortunately I can't do this because of an upload limit. MC
  • Hi info11111111, Thank you so much for your feedback. I hope this is more like the Minolta Tower as apposed to the CN Tower in Toronto. Entry #62 as you can see works well with various colour combinations. If you would like to see anything else changed please do not hesitate to ask. Fonts, colours etc. Regards SJK
  • We have been getting comments that the skyline looks too much like Toronto. (of you're not from Niagara Falls- you don't know about the skylon tower) maybe look into the "minolta tower"
  • hard to distinguish the silhouettes pose
  • too cartoony