Rolling Pita

The process was great! It was fun working with the different designers and exciting to see what they came up with as options.

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Winning design #204 by DesignBear, Logo Design for Rolling Pita Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DesignBear

Project description

We are looking  for a logo for a food trailer specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. The logo can incorporate pita bread. It is important that this stands out in a crowd. 

Please note that the trailer is black and we would like the primary color to be in the mustard-yellow family as shown below along with any other complimentary colors. 

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  • Hi dfaddoul10
    Thanks for your feedback
    Here are some correctionс of #137 : #173 , #174
  • Hello! Thank you for your submissions! Is there a way to apply this brush stroke effect that is in #168 to #157 or #160? Thank you again! #168
    • @dfaddoul10 Thank you for the rating and feedback. I am glad you like my designs. Here are some versions with brush - #169, #170, #171, #172

  • Can you please center the words across the circle in the back a bit more (font appears to need a slight shift over to the right). Thank you! #140
  • Thank you for numbers 143 and 142, however the image is more like a cupcake and not what we are looking for. #143
  • Thank you for your submissions!! Can we try a version where we remove the wheat from each side and change the color of Pita to white instead? Thanks again! #145
  • Thank you for your submission! Can you please amend this so that the g in rolling isn't being cut off? #137
  • do you like ? #145
  • do you like ? #144
  • Sorry sir was wrong to make the logo. I would make a better again
  • do you like ? #142
  • Hi dfaddoul10
    Here are my first proposals #136 , #137 , #138 , #139 , #140 , #141
  • Dear Sir,
    Please check my design and give feedback
    Thanks alot #134
  • Thank you for your entries! Can we try this one without the circular design and with a different font for Pita? I like the idea but being that it is all the same is making it hard to read.
    Thank you again! #102
    • @dfaddoul10 Hi, Please check #123 if I understand correctly.

  • for any changes, just let me know, looking forward working with you.. thanks #112
    • @renaldikusnadi thank you for your submissions! Can you please try #112 with a different font that is easier to read and doesn't have a background fill?

    • @dfaddoul10 thanks for the feedback, I will try to make it better

  • Can you add the dot over the i in rolling by chance? Thank you! #97
  • Thank you for this and your interpretation of the pita - this is very creative! I am having a hard time reading it though. Any other ideas?
  • About #98, @dfaddoul10 I uploaded the edited design. Please let me know how I can further enhance it if needed. Thank you.
  • Hello! Can we ask for some revisions on this version please? #10
    • @dfaddoul10 Can we capitalize the "P" in Pita and remove the underline and try to overlay the words Rolling Pita over the symbol above? Thank you!

  • About #29, @Zellmanke thank you for your entries! I'm having a hard time reading the word Rolling with the type of font that is being used - can you try using another font to see if that works better? And maybe don't stretch the G down so far so it's not as distorted. Thank you again!
    • About #29, @dfaddoul10 Big pleasure. I Changed the font and made the "rolling" more legible with less distortion. Please have a look. Thanks so much for your feedback. How do I send youthe updated version?

    • @Zellmanke I believe you need to upload it as another design on this site.. Thank you!

  • Thank you for this update. Can I ask to also try the "o" in just white? Any other ideas you may have area also very welcome! Thank you again! #67
    • About #67, @dfaddoul10
      will change it into white and upload it
      and i will work something out for another version asap, thank you

    • @rezaray appreciate that!!! Thanks again!!

    • @dfaddoul10 we like this better than the white...the white is a bit too distracting. Thank you for accommodating!

    • @dfaddoul10 yes i think so, this one is better than the white one