This is the second time I have used It works well for the money and I would definitely recommend it. There are a couple of features which would make it better for me. First, would be to sort or see submissions by artist only. This would enable to see revisions without looking at other artists work. The second improvement would be able to "See Comments" for a particular design without going into the comments section. Maybe hover and see the comments for a design.


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Winning design #79 by Sanjaya Kunwar, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by Sanjaya Kunwar

Project description

We have two existing websites and and are about to do a NEW website We need a logo for that will compliment the other two logos. We will be using all three logos together occasionally. A little bit about radiant barrier. Both and the foil is installed INSIDE the building to reflect the heat. With the new website the foil is installed on TOP of the roof before a metal or tile roof is installed. So, it reflects the heat before ever getting into the building. Here is a page which explains it in full: So, I am looking for a logo which represents the heat being reflected off the roof. As far as colors: I think we are going to try to incorporate either orange or yellow into the logo. But feel free to submit anything you like.

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  • Hi! I posted #33. I took your advice from comments on #10 and #9 and made this #33 design very simple. Please let me know if you like this one and if you want me to change anything. Thank you.
  • Hi Ch, Could you please give some comments on my designs. Thank you regards binkula
  • Ok, this is why I'm not an artist. Keep the lines as they were. The reflections are still not right. Heat is coming down from sun. Still like #21 the best. Going to be gone most of the afternoon for any more feedback.
    • Ok - I will keep working with #21 and the reflections. Thanks!

    • #26- roof lines slightly flared at sides and straighten as the get closer to the center. Reflections pointing straight up. Is this closer to what you are picturing?

  • Can you edit the reflections to look more like the other logos? Also, can you adjust the lines of the roof going up? Take a look at the image I just uploaded. The metal runs straight up. I'd like to see if this looks better/worse then coming together at the peak. Finally, let's go with dark grey or black instead of light grey for the .com and lettering.
    • I will make those changes. I uploaded one more before I saw this. Thanks!

  • I really like this. Can we try a few edits? Can you make the peeled back part a little smaller and show more roof? Can you make the line on the roof a little more prominent? Can do something to make the arrows/heat reflect off the foil part?
    • Sure can! Which part are you referring to as the "line on the roof" - I want to make sure to edit the right part.

    • Sorry, should be "lines". The lines which come from the bottom towards the peak. If it was a metal roof, these would be the seams in the metal.

  • Both logos are too busy. Too much stuff going on.
    • OK! I will make it simpler. Thank you for feedback! : )

  • Neet to put back top left line on roof.
  • I submitted #10 as well as #9. If you have any feed back, pleas let me know. Thank you.
  • Hi, I have submitted #9. If you can give me some feedback that would be great. Thank you.
  • I like the grooves on the roof. Don't need/want the actual sun. Want to show heat actually reflecting - keeping constant with other logos. Can you change lower text to "Radiant Barrier For Metal And Tile Roofing Systems". Thanks. I will be gone until tomorrow morning for feedback.
  • I want to keep the logo in upper/lower case lettering. to keep it easier to read.
    • Thank you for the feedback. I have adjusted the lettering as requested and I also adjusted the color of the arrows to show greater differentiation on the heat repellant action. Please let me know if you have any further feedback!

  • I like the orange/yellow better then the blue. I like the shape (single peak) on #2 better. I'd like to see more "Reflecting" and to show more of a tile/metal roof. Does not have to be as slanted if it will help with the design.
    • Please ignore this message. I accidentally posted under the wrong comment.

  • hallo CH .... I've made ​​a redesign, Please check my entri #50. Thanks
  • Could you do a version with all blue lettering and eliminate any orange?
    • I've entered #49 with the requested changes. Thanks!

  • I really like this one. I would like to see a version with all the text on one line. Not splitting up the roofing like #45. Just scaling up the text to make it taller. Maybe bring the right side of the roof over or on top of the lettering??? Could you put a few line on them blue part of the roof to make it look like a metal roof?
  • hallo CH ... Thanks for your feedback, I try to make some design, Please check my entri #45, #46, #47 and #48. Thanks
  • I like this because it clearly shows the foil below the metal or tile roof. I think overall the shape is too wide. I would like to see a similar version with all the lettering scaled up to make the overall shape more rectangular. Nice work. Not sure if I like the single slope or double slope roof. I kinda like the double slope roof better if we can get the overall shape taller.
  • halloo... CH... Please check my entri #41 and #42 , Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks
  • Hi, I posted #37. Please if you can give me some feedback that would be helpful. Thank you. : )
  • Could you edit this one to have the red reflections coming from the right to left. Similar to the and
    • No problem - I've entered #66 with the reflections coming from the right to left. Thanks!

    • Thanks. This is one of my top two so far.

    • I'd be happy to try any changes that you have visualized. Glad you like this!