Rosticerias El Festin

It is the third time I work with design contest and I will continue working with this site. Thank you very much, it exceed my expectations!!

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Winning design #40 by relz2011, Logo Design for Rosticerias El Festin Contest
Gold Medal

designed by relz2011

Project description

We need a Logo for a Roasted Fast Food place, we mainly sell Roasted Chicken. We are a start up company, we are about to sell Roasted Food at Mexico. The name “Rosticerias El Festin” means Feast-Roasted Food. We want to communicate delicious full flavor and abundance, like a Viking or Medieval Feast. We are going to sell roasted chicken, latter we may explore other products such as Turkey or Rabbit but our core business will be chicken. We want to look serious and modern, like an international fast food franchise. We want to use colors that invite customers to eat and we think rounded forms are friendlier and therefore could fit better. This business will have home delivery as well as counter delivery and restaurant service.

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  • Hi Laura, thanks for your design, I'll answer your questions first. The name "Rosticerias" must be written in first place (above the logo or before the name), "pollos a la brasa" doesn't work if the word "Rosticerias" appears. But I think you could use this space with a slogan that communicates more, may be "Para comer como Vikingo" (eat like a Viking) or "Sabor a manos llenas" ( Full flavour at Full hands). Now, what I think is that your design is clean, colors are ok at both options. Now the chicken with the Viking hat doesn't communicates the "feast" we want to. A roman, medieval or even Viking feast implies abundance, roasted flavor, guests, natural, etc., could you work on this idea? Thanks again for your effort.
  • Hi. I uploaded design #1. The logo on the left has only the colors you provided and the one on the right I added white and red to give it more contrast and impact. Also the word "festín" has a "tilde" (do you want to use it or not?). I made reference to chicken and also the vikings you mentioned. Do you want the word "roticería" on the bottom or is "pollos a la brasa" ok?. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
  • I went in a different direction with #3. Referenced a roman feast, included the word "rosticerias" and used a similar although not exact color palette to the one you provided. Hope to hear your comments on this one.
  • Good job!!! This is a very good logo but I wonder how it would look if you change the orange area arround the roasted chicken with white color in order to enhance the roasted chicken. And may be the chicken itself in a golden color. Thanks a lot!!
    • I improved my logo following your advices. I hope you like it and I wish a feedback. Thank you

  • Good composition but the horns with the hat doesn´t fit. It looks like a hybrid farmer-viking person. I think it could work better if you could change the farmer hat for a real viking hat and the fork for a chicken roasted leg, what do you think? Thanks..
    • Hello and thanks for the feedback, i updated the logo, as per your comments, the viking-farmer hybrid is no more, now he's just a good old fashioned viking, hope you like it, thanks!!

  • Viking but not feast
  • To viking but not feast
  • Nice and simple but it doesnt communicate what we want to. Thanks
  • Laura, thanks but we are not there, think about a medieval table with roasted meat, with this abundance of food that is delicious.
  • It is very simple, I think it doesn´t communicate what we said on the brief. Thanks
  • Cartoon doesn look serious and chicken with feathers & alive doesn´t invite to eat. We want to communicate people that with us they have a lot of nice & roasted food, enough to feed an entire family, like a medieval feast. I think we are not there yet. Thanks
  • I like your loho but the chicken alive doesn´t communicate what we want, in fact I do not feel very comfortable if I look the chicken with feathers, could you try with a roasted chicken?, It may look great. Thanks!!
  • Hi, thanks for your design, we think cartoon doesn´t look that serious, we want to invite to eat, people should look our logo and think about a medieval table with wine and roasted meat (chicken), people, fun and a lot of food. Your propose is not telling us that.
  • Hi, just posted #9 and would really like your comments...Thanks!
  • Perfect!!, we were talking about bold may be needed at word "ROSTICERIAS". Also one of the partners said that the font is very "Texan" (which by the way is great), he said that the circle could be a texan hat, do you think it could fit? Thanks for your effort Kob
    • This is my new version #27 I put the word "ROSTICERIAS" in bold and I changed the circle around the raosted chicken with a texan hat, I hope this is what you meant. Tell me if I may correct the logo further. Thank you

    • And this is another color version #28 of the same logo

    • In the last version of my logo #30 I wanted to show the "viking" size of the feast so I take the main subject of my previous versions (the roasted chicken in the center, the hands with fork and knife, the way to present the written "El Festin" and "ROSTICERIAS") while I changed the font and I added the viking helmet to underline the feast topic. I hope you like it even if different from my previous logos.

  • Very good job!!, I wonder how it would look if you use an entire roasted chicken? Thanks
    • #26 Thank you. I did a take on the entire chicken. Best Regards

  • Good but we think knife penetrating the roasted Chicken is a little agresive
  • We like it very much!!, it is cleaner and roasted chicken is enhanced. We think hands are not that clear if you see it at distance, could you try to define a little more the hands? Thanks for your effort.
    • I uploaded the last version of my logo in which I defined the hands much better. I hope you like it and tell me how may I improve my logo.

  • Much better!!! But word Rosticerias may need more weight. Good job!!
    • Hello again, i posted an update based on you comment about the word "rosticerias" now is bolder, hope you like it. Thanks!

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