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Winning design #52 by MaBoul Design, Logo Design for Rouge Cosmetics Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MaBoul Design

Project description

I'm a professional makeup artist beginning to sell makeup and looking for a logo I can stick on to my products and also for my advertisement You do not have to use the selected colors or you can use one or two of the selected colors. Or you can can come up with your own color combinations. Please do not use any faces or eyes, lips, etc. Can u try some silver metallic

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  • Hello, as you can see, I am first at your contest :) Please check my entry #1 and let me know do you like this logo style. Thanks!
  • hi CH ... I send entries # 10 and # 11 entries, with different composition ...
  • eliminate the bottom purple box with the text
  • like the style. can u fix the u and make it more straight. can u try some other colors
  • emblem not my style
  • not exciting enough
  • Hi Contest Holder, I've submitted my design #23, just wonder if you have any thoughts or comments. Thanks!
  • Thanks for your feedback, I have entered #57 and tried something a little different with #58 & #59, I personally like the one with the pink O. The butterfly represents metamorphosis, which definitely happens when I put my make up on!! Please let me know if you want me to try anything else for you. Kind regards, Liz
    • #70 shows how the design can be used as a watermark, and you can change the colour to suit your needs.

  • Need feedback on 55, too simple or complex? Hard to read?
  • Hi I have submitted #56. Any feedback would be great. Thank You.
  • change colors and maybe choose different brush and angle it
  • can u make it more sophisticated looking
  • make it more soffisticated
  • try an oval or circle around the logo.
  • nice but a little dull
  • take away lipstick and make a more sophisticated font for everything
  • take butterfly off and put makeup smudge under rouge
  • change font of "rouge" and change color splatter to different colors, maybe not so many colors
  • capitalize the "r" and make a lipstick or eyeshadow smudge where the colored lines are
  • I like the effect. but the lines and all the different colors are too much