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Please don't use the word "Recycling" in the logo. Ideally we are looking for a unique character or mascot that we can brand our company to. Animals are awesome, something with attitude is a must! Maybe someone would like to use the company name for inspiration? Try searching "Mars Rover" I'd really like to see what you come up with. Be creative, don't be afraid to submit something unique as this will lead to additional website and advertisement design work.

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  • Hello dear contest holder, any more information to accomplish the goal? would you prefer a type based logo or rather symbolic? Any colors of your preference? What is the objects to recycle? Cheers.
    • Thank you for your comment. We are looking for a logo that is unique to build our brand around. There are no specific perimeters for logo or symbolic. We are looking for a creative mind to help create our brand. I suggest NOT using the typical recycling logos, stay away from green logos etc. Be creative and have fun with it, good luck!

  • I looked at some of your other designs that you have won contests with. I really like some of your more creative pieces, care to give my logo another shot?
  • I still like this design a lot. If you can take it up a notch I think it has a lot of potential. Try a burgundish red with some light or dark shadowing maybe??
  • I like the RR concept, but I really like the arrows from #9.
  • This is a nice concept, if you can submit something with IT equipment in the top and change up the overall color it would be a solid submission.
    • Thank you for the feed back. I worked on #15 based on your suggestions. Hope you like it.

    • Good changes, I still like the concept a lot.

  • Nice design, good changes.
  • I like the arrow design but the font, size, and colors of the text aren't working together.
    • Thanks for the feedback, I've just uploaded #9 making some changes in fonts and style. pls provide feedback to it as well. thanks.

  • I like some design aspects of this. If you can consolidate the font size, style, and color into one concise theme this would be more appealing. we recycle mainly electronic equipment
    • I wanted to ask if you would prefer a simple design but full of color? and whether you want the logo to be the color you want in the brief? thanks before

  • I wanted to ask if you would prefer a simple design but full of color? and whether you want the logo to be the color you want in the brief? thanks before
  • Thank you for the submission but this design isn't what we are looking for. Best of luck!
  • I like the simplistic design, it's clean and catchy. We recycle mostly IT equipment so the bottle doesn't quite fit the mold.
  • Can you play with the colors? We are looking to get away from the typical recycling pallet of greens and blues. Otherwise I really like this design
  • Play with the color scheme and pallet please.
    • hi i've just uploaded #58 with some color variations. i'll work more on any of the pieces of your choice. thanks.

  • I prefer #27, specifically I like the grey font and light blue combo. I'm still open to ideas...
  • Please remove the lines from the "ROVER" font. I'm liking #27 more and more. This will be used for a 26' box truck design and website design immediately, any changes that you would recommend for #27?
    • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design #27, try a new color & fonts for you to choose at #54. Feel free to comment and make further changes. Thanks & Cheers

  • Sorry, these aren't inline with what I am looking for. The best submission is #13 from you, can you work on that one without the black background?? I think the RR logo is worth exploring. Thank you for your submissions!
  • I still really like this design. Can you mix the two designs? I like the cleanliness of #27 more. Great job, you are onto something here.
  • This design has potential, but it looks too much like a space ship.
  • Thank you for the submission, this isn't quite what we are looking for.
  • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design #27, here is another option of #46 for your consideration, please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers