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Project description

The company is called Royal Cigarettes and it is a marijuana cigarette. The Logo will be the design for the box which will be a standard cigarette box. The Logo will be portrayed on the front of the box and all all company letter heads. The logo should be timeless and classic, something that will be remembered as art for 500 years. 

I would like to incorporate some sort of heraldry elements that would pertain to a king. It should look classic and noble, yet simple and royal. I do not want to have any images related to a cross or any other religious symbols associated with the logo. As mentioned before, this is a marijuana cigarette and its nice to incorporate some of the marijuana elements, however I want the logo to remain classy so that my product can be used by corporate people without looking tacky or stonerish. 

The logo will go on the front and back of the box and the size of the box will be a normal king size pack of cigarettes. The box will be matte white and the logo will pop out to the viewer. The goal is to remain absolutely classy, elegant and professional. 

Please use colors and make this pop out of the page. It is important to incorporate gold. 

Also, I am heavily considering the Brand Name "King's Gold," and something that incorporates that would be really interesting.

The winner of this contest will be given much more work EXCLUSIVELY commissioned. 

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  • The contest is between this piece and one other piece. Congratulations on being in the top two. I asked the other artist to put his logo onto a picture of a cigarette box to see what it would look like and it wasn't as pretty as it was on the logo itself. I want to ask you if you will do the same? I don't think you can submit one but is it possible to perhaps show me via email or snapchat what it would look like? #192
    • About #192, @adammelech26
      I`m glad you like this one. I`ll apply it on a cigarette box as soon as I can.

    • @lule I am not sure that it will let you post the picture, if you want you can email me a picture of it on a box or any other app.

  • Rate Please. #161
    • @adammelech26 rate for it. you want in color here it is.

  • #221 A fleur-de-lis marijuana leaf, which, somehow, symbolizes royalty. :)
  • #117 #118 please. Thank You......
  • this is gorgeous, can you make the gold a bit lighter gold, more gold like? #177
    • RVD

      О #177, @adammelech26
      I have done much gold as you like #191

  • what your comment.....? #181
  • What if #179
  • Please take a look. It can variate on size and position, depending on additional text and design of box you will chose. We can work on that if you decide to proceed with this design. #169
  • I hope you will provide feedback. Thanks #164
  • About #108, @junaidyoung @adammelech26 i have already upload in green and golden please check #98
  • OH MY GOD, SERIOUSLY!!!!!! THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! CAN I SEE IT FLAT ON AN ALL WHITE BACKGROUND? This is clearly the top contender... #98
    • @adammelech26 can you rate me please???

    • @junaidyoung I really love your design, can you please do it in green and gold and did you draw the lion yourself? Its really great, I just need to have it in color...

  • I love this I would like to see it in green and gold. Can you please do it? It is one of the most creative designs submitted and in the top 3... #108
  • can you please match the green that is on # 23 and that is perfect. Everyone likes this design best but the green needs to match #23 in the contest... #87
    • About #87, @adammelech26 Version #113 is using same green as #23, it just looks stronger as my design is larger.

    • @Pixell I think I like the lighter green because marijuana is not that dark of a green, your #113 is really nice...

  • I love this and I really think this logo is going to win. I want to ask you a favor. Several contestants have put their logo on a box as you can see in #58. I was wondering if its at all possible if you can do what #58 did and put this logo on a box of cigarettes so I can see what it will look like. Is that possible? Also, I would like to speak to you further about designing the box itself... You really did an amazing job here... #140
  • this is an amazing concept however I feel its a bit gimicky. Is there any way to take this design and make it more polished, like Rolex... #130
  • Gorgeous!!! Thank you so much!!! #113
    • About #113, @adammelech26 You are more then welcome :) If I can do anything else for you, just let me know

  • Hi Adam, I have changed the green, please take a look #113
  • this is so hot, you might have won... #95
    • About #95, @adammelech26
      Thank you....
      please let me know if there is a change ...

  • This is absolutely magnificent... #85
    • About #85, @adammelech26 Thankyou. Hope to Win. :)

  • my cigar #111