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Winning design #1316 by Biswajit_1977, Logo Design for Royal Mountain Extracts Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Biswajit_1977

Project description

Royal Mountain Extracts will be a cannabis concentrate manufacturing company located in Alaska. It will have a view of the largest mountain in North America from the office location, Mt. Denali.

We plan to provide the highest quality product available in Alaska and our logo will be seen all over the internet and featured on millions of products throughout the state. It will be used on our instagram, facebook, and other social media sites as well.

We will be affiliate the with a public figure -

So we want to maintain the "royal" & "queen" feel in the new company. We want our logo to have modern artsy feel that is very atheistically appealing.

We hope to somehow incorporate a mountain, hopefully Mt. Denali in the logo, but it is not required and definitely want to see other variations that may not include a mountain or "royal" feel.


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  • Try making the R as the bottom half of the circle, similar to #1297 #1291
    • About #1291, @sbenson2129
      Sir, unfortunately I can not add my work, the time for accepting papers has ended, you can invite one into one

  • About #1297, @Biswajit_1977 try making the mountains look like this - but with even less detail, just a basic outline. largest mountain on the right.
    • About #1297, @sbenson2129 another mountain option -

      but even less overall detail

    • @sbenson2129 actually end the time before my submit so I have pest the link for 2nd option if any more changes I can do any time also after winning this contest. Thank you.

  • change the mountain like your image #1316
  • Even just a mountain similar to #987 #1297
  • Really like this design, but the mountains look a little rough still. Try more of just an outline instead of so much detail on the mountains. #1297
  • kindly check #1160 ..thank you
  • Without style below letter "a" #1307
  • Without outline of mountain. Provide your feedback and rating. Thank you. #1306
  • Update version. Please provide your feedback. Thank you. #1305
  • desame with my last entry without cannabis. #1304
  • pls check my idea. thanks! hope you like it! #1301
  • Add the outline of mountain. Provide your feedback and rating.
    Thank you. #1300
  • feedback please..thanks #1299
  • Add some design style below the letter "a" like end of the letter "r" style. Any changes I can do any time.
    Thank you. #1298
  • Update version where mountain make something more height to remove square shape but looking like your sending mountain image. Provide your feedback and rating. thank you. #1297
  • feedback please...thanks #1296
  • Update version where crown make similar as you like. Provide your feedback and rating. Thank you. #1295
    • About #1295, @Biswajit_1977 can I change anything, any time I can do changes. Thank you

  • Update version where crown changed as you like. Provide your feedback and rating. Thank you. #1294
  • Try a crown similar to #1152 #1269
  • please check #1285