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An unforgettable logo that exudes professionalism. The title is the parent company to several subsidiaries so it must appear as such. 

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  • Change the font on the R above the Royalty title to something more fancy. Same colors, same everything, but something more fancy and less basic. Just the "R" #194
    • About #194, @ronniesbank OK. I'll do that and I'll show you some options. I'll show you that today.

    • About #194, @ronniesbank Hello! The contest is closed, I can not send directly here, but you can see through these links.
      I made two options varying the gray and blue side. Let me know if you liked it or if you need anything else.

  • Put a rectangle around the title and use some blue in the color. Keep the silver, but add the frame around the title only and add some rich blue. #225
    • @ronniesbank Hi Ch, thank you so much to your feedback. I will add rectangle around the title according to your suggestion.

      kind regards,


    • @ronniesbank I have already add rectangle around the title according to your suggestion, since the contest is closed, I just sent it via email . By the way can i have your email add.?

      kind regards,


  • Please check my design... #218
  • please cheked my design mr :) #217
  • please cheked my design mr :) #216
  • elegant #206
  • clean snd professional #201
  • Another design
    Thanks #200
  • Dear Sir,
    Please check my design
    Thanks #199
  • luxury #198
  • please any feedback for my design, thanks #186
  • My try :D Please let me know your opinion about it! #185
  • Nice design! How about different size font. #36
    • CKS

      About #36, @ronniesbank thanks, i´ll make a new version and back soon!

  • Perhaps you would consider removing the big 92, and making the 92 @ the bottom of the design blue. #123
  • I think this would look good on the door to my business. Very Good foundation, perhaps you might try some different fonts. #93
  • Very classy foundation. Perhaps you might try some different fonts, different sizes to better enhance your abilities. #147
  • Very tasteful! I like this design. Interesting design with the "R" and the 92 in a circle #53
  • Interesting approach, can you show some variance with different fonts? #60
  • Nice design!! How about some different fonts?? #67
  • Can you try some different colors, and perhaps some different lineage. I like this design #86