Royse City ISD Bulldogs

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Project description

Our school district is in need of an official bulldog logo for use online, print, embroidered, etc. Think of something you'd see in college athletics. Dozens of clip art bulldogs are currently in use across the district of 8 campuses. We need a single bulldog logo that helps us with brand recognition. 

We only want bulldog designs, do not include any wording. 
Here are our initial parameters:

- Regular bulldog, not french
- Profile of the dog is ok or straight on
- Spiked collar ok
- Appropriate for students age 5-18 to wear on a shirt
- Appropriate for both genders
- Portrays confidence
- Simple, modern and clean 
- Looking for something unique
- Colors options are Vegas Gold, Black, Grey & White
- Logo can be head only or entire dog

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  • This is nice, but does not look like a traditional bulldog. Thank you for your entry. #65
  • This is nice and simple, but we are linking your #66 much better. Thank you. #67
  • We really like the side profile. It's very unique. Can you give us one that is a little less aggressive. The teeth may be the issue. However, it is really cool looking! #66
  • Hi, feel free to let me know if you need any changes on the design, thank you. #68
  • You can see the letters R, C #66
  • feedback please #65
  • Hi,

    thanks for your comments, i have lighten the bulldog image, i hope you like it #60
    • About #60, @naino This does look good. We are considering it among a few others. No changes suggested at this point.

    • @naino Looks good! We are considering this as an option. Thank you.

  • We do like this design but as suggested on #59 please refrain from submitting more of this same design while we gather feedback. Thank you. #58
  • We still very much like the bulldog head. Please do not submit any further designs though. I'm gathering feedback now to help with final revisions. I don't want to have 15 submission of the same design. Thank you for your talent and help. #59
  • This is a really solid entry. It feels a little chunky or heavy. Can you lighten it a little? Thank you! #51
  • Hi please share some feedback #51
  • This bulldog looks sad and slightly like it's head is mounted like a deer. Thank you though. #50
  • Thank you for your feedback... please check out the new options I have posted. #46
  • This bulldog is a little too aggressive looking. Thank you though. #37
  • This is very cute, but not confident enough to be used for athletics. Thank you though. #39
  • This bulldog looks sad and is not quite right for our needs. Thank you though. #29
  • This is too detailed and doesn't have a definite bulldog look. Thank you though. #36
  • This is too playful for our needs. Thank you though. #38
  • This does not look like a bulldog to us. The ears are off. Thank you though. #28
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback, I made the change, I hope you enjoy it. Sincerely Christina.