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Winning design #27 by Dayadrana, Logo Design for Running Badass Contest
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designed by Dayadrana

Project description

Running Badass is a new Running Coaching company. The logo will be used for web, print, apparel etc. so it needs to pop!

Below is the "about page" text which gives more information about the brand.

Nothing beats that feeling of strength, of mind and body Working together with every step.
Whatever the distance, on trail or road.
Whatever your goal.
Fatigue may creep in, but you’ve trained and you're ready. 

You’re running strong. 
You’re unstoppable.

That’s what we’re all about here. That feeling.

Running Badass provides individualized running coaching with a focus on distance and endurance running (Half Marathon, Marathon, Ultra-Marathon), brought to you by Sarah [me].

Sarah is an RRCA qualified Running Coach with 14 years’ race experience, both as runner and race director. She’s won a 100km ultra-marathon in Mongolia, founded a marathon in Kenya, and run a 3:01 marathon in Tokyo.

Whether you’re running your very first half marathon, aiming for a Boston Marathon qualifier time or your best Ultra yet, I will be by your side in training.

Through an individualized running program, weekly calls and dedicated online support, I will get you to the finish line feeling stronger than ever. Your goal is my goal, and we won’t rest until that goal is smashed (Well, we can have some rest days I guess…)

Join me! Be a Running Badass. 


To be a "running badass" is to run feeling strong, mentally and physically. Mud, sweat, grit, endurance - and some laughs along the way. I'd hope the design can reflect this.

I like the idea of incorporating mountains and trail, mud and/or sweat!

In terms of the design, ideally I'd like to have a pictorial design that is separate from the company name, so I can use them both independently.  (But feel free to use the R and the B from "Running Badass" in the pictorial design though). For example, Under Armor's logo uses the U & A but the pictorial design is separate from the name.

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  • eye catching logo with running people attached... #59
  • combine fonts and picture... i hopefully you like it. Thks before.. #55
  • I'm a lil late to the party, but I hope you like! Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! #51
  • I uploaded two more designs #46 and #47. There are R and B that are in a triangle shape which represents the mountain.
  • About #41, @Dayadrana This logo using ambigram concept with number "1" as a hidden symbol between letter "R' and letter"B". Thank you very much.
  • About #1, @RUTANTO Hello! Thank you for your design. As I mentioned in my brief, I am looking for a logo that has a pictoral design separate from the name. I wont be able to choose this one, therefore. Thank you any way.
    • @sarah_m Thank you for the feedback, I'll redesign it to fit what you want.

  • Hello! I uploaded some new ideas. #35 - you can see R and B which are horizontal and mountain formed by the two letters. I hope you like it.
    • About #35, @desi23 You have done so many designs! The latest ones are clever - pretty badass!!! I really appreciate this. I will ask some running friends to help me decide from all the designs in the contest. Thank you!

  • About #30, @mmkdesign This design made me smile, thanks! I like how you have used the R & B to make a person... I am just not sure it looks "badass" (unstoppable, strong, fearless etc.). The lettering is very cool.
  • About #29, @DW_Designs Thank you for your design! Definitely get the sense that this runner is powering forward. It's a cool design for track & field, but I just worry it's not so much for trail/ultra running. Also, maybe using a silhouette might be a little clichéd (like stock imagery)?
  • About #28, @annahlali Hi! This is cool, thanks. In my brief I mentioned I want the name to be separate from the pictorial design, so I won't be able to choose this one - but thank you anyway for your time.
  • About #27, @Dayadrana This is badass! I really like your designs, thank you very much.
  • hope you like my entry, and please feedback.. if any missing.. please let me know
  • Hope you like My Design #17
  • About #16, @desi23 Thank you so much! It's great that you are a designer who loves running! I really like the mountains of #11 and #14. I am not sure about the color green although I understand why you chose it... would it be possible to try the mountain in just shades of grey & black? Also, with a sharper/harder (less round) font? Thanks so much!
    • @sarah_m Yes, of course, I'll do the changes

  • About #15, @nicolets Thank you for making that update. I really love this!
    • @sarah_m hi sarah... thank you very much for this great positive feedback about my design... hoping to select my design for your company.. thank you again..

  • Hello, @sarah_m ! I really like this contest because I am a trail and mountain runner too. I wish you good luck with your coaching company! Please check my designs #11 #12 #14 and #16
  • About #7, @nicolets You designs are so professional, thank you! I think this is my favorite of the designs you submitted, but I wonder if it would be possible to see it with the letter R also slanted forward, as though it is running?
    • @sarah_m hi sarah.. thank you for this great message... i will submit my revised design.. thanks..

  • About #10, @Ritha thanks you for feedback and comment.. i 'll revise soon
  • About #8, @annahlali I really love this, thank you for incorporating mountain in there.
  • About #10, @Ritha Hello! Thank you very much for your design! I really like that you have combined the R & B together.

    At the moment, I would say it doesn't look too "badass", as described in the brief... maybe because the letters are round and soft, rather than hard?

    As I mentioned in the brief, it would be great if there was a mountain or some mud included. I will upload some images so you know what I mean!

    Red and Black is great - maybe Red and Blue or Brown could also look good?

    I hope that helps!! Thank you, Ritha.