Running Water Land & Cattle

Painted Pony did a great job. From the very beginning she was able to read my brief and have an idea of where I wanted to go with my logo. We went thru several revisions to get to the final product and ultimately designed the exact logo that I had in mind. I highly recommend this designer.

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Winning design #182 by PaintedPony, Logo Design for Running Water Land & Cattle Contest
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designed by PaintedPony

Project description

I am needing a basic logo that I can use on a few baseball caps, a sign that can hang in my pool table room and a sign to hang on a ranch gate.  Want to keep it pretty simple and classic.  This is not even an active business, I am simply creating a logo for my late grandfather's old business. In my mind, I imagined 3 wavy blue lines stacked on top of one another representing running water (like a stream) but don't let that limit your creativity.  I do believe that I would rather go simple rather than complex.  This all ties back to my grandfather's ranch, so associate in your mind; the land, native grass, cattle, wildlife such as deer quail and turkey, all of this being located on the Texas Panhandle plains.  For a better feel, you might google 1.  LLano Estacado Texas Panhandle, 2.  Caprock Canyon State Park, 3. Ranching Heritage Association, 3. CKWRI or KRIRM, 4.  6666 ranch, 5. Matador Ranch or just ranching Texas panhandle.  Would like to have a symbol logo and a symbol logo with the name of the company that could be used interchangeably.  Like classic colores such as blue, black, red and tan (if you need a color visual for logo on a hat) .

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  • Hello ~ I just uploaded an additional logo to see if you like. I created 3 wavy water lines that look like running water in a river and also forms a stylized letter "R". #175
    • @PaintedPony I like the designs. I am really leaning on the one that is pretty straight forward and looks like a brand. Let's take that design and the one you just submitted and put them on a different background. I will let you pick the colors but assuming that it would be on a kacki colored hat or a beige background. Choose a a blue that will really pop and any other color and we can do some fine tuning. Going in the right direction. Thanks for the submissions.

    • Thanks for the feedback @escottmitchell I just uploaded the logos on a tan background and showed a mockup on a ball cap. I created with a dark slate blue and a terra cotta orange. #182 #183 Please let me know if you'd like to see any additional revisions. Thanks!

  • Here's another option. Hope im on track. Goodluck #181
  • logo idea. Hope you like it Good luck #169
  • give me ratting and feedback please #143
  • please your feeedback sir #137
  • like the way you are taking this. I really like the winding streams of a couple other designs submitted. can you take those streams and put them with a plateau type background. make the plateau more of an outline and use a different color other than dark brown. thanks for working with the comments #56
    • @escottmitchell No problem. Please see #134. Let me know if there are any tweeks that need to be made. Thanks again for the feedback.

  • cheak my design:) #129
  • Of course, I will upload with deeper blue. #15
  • really like the winding stream not fond of the sun but do like the red and how it pops how about some reference to land maybe plateau #85
    • thanks for your feedback.. i try change may design...
      About #85, @escottmitchell


  • kindly check my new entry
    thank you:) #111
  • Here's a mockup of my design on how it looks on fabric. Hope you like it. Good luck #110
  • logo idea. Its a combination of R & W in running water words. Hope you like it. Good luck #109
  • Hey escottmitchell~ Thanks for inviting me to join your contest. I created a logo for your consideration that is clean and simple. I focused on the 'land & cattle' ranch aspect. I intertwined your 'R' & 'W' initials to look a bit like a cattle brand. The letter 'W' also looks like an abstract canyon, and the letter 'R' looks like a stylized river running through it. The 'RW' icon can also be used as a separate element.

    I also created an enlarged view of embroidery to give you an idea of how the logo could look embroidered on polo shirts, ball caps, etc. Hope you like the concept.

    I designed an additional logo with a water wave that also looks like a letter 'W' running through the letter 'R'.

    Kind regards,
    PaintedPony #97 #98 #102
    • @PaintedPony glad to see you picked up on the brand thing. knowing you understand brands, you understand that they can't be too detailed. I am really focusing on this whole moving water theme. There was a season stream that cut through our property called "Running Water Draw" How about keeping the circular design and just replacing the brand and the brand being something more representing running water. You can see that I have given a lot of focus to the three wavy lines. That is always what I had in the back of my mind although if something else looks better, I am all for it. Also, I would like for the "brand" to stand on its own without the name and still have some brand recognition with the name. Kind of like the Nike swoosh or the Running W brand of the King Ranch or the 6666 brand for the Four Sixes Ranch. I like the thought you have already put into it and look forward to the next version.

    • Hi there @escottmitchell ~ Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm glad you are liking the direction regarding a brand. I'll work on some new ideas to incorporate more of the running water theme. Thanks! PaintedPony

  • Beautiful and practical
    Font can be laser cut for signs #86
  • Here's a mockup of my design. Hope you like it. Good luck #76
  • Logo idea. Hope im on track. Good luck #75
  • Hope you like it, please leave feedback #69
  • Thank you do not really look like this reminds bacon. I've made new changes, check please. If there is something you want to add or change write me #68 #84
  • like your design think logo may be lost if it was embroidered on a hat. google "caprock canyon state park" look at the caprocks. they are not mountains as others have thought but canyons cut out of the landscape. something tells me you can do something with this. I really do like the initial design you submitted #50
    • @escottmitchell Thanks for the feedback. Please take a look at #53. Tried to use the most memorable site at the caprock canyon state park. Let me know if there is anything else I can do.