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Winning design #45 by Iwan31, Logo Design for RunRachelRun Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Iwan31

Project description

I'm looking for a logo for my website and to print on labels. My website is a range of homemade sugar scrubs and face masks that are all made of natural items such as fruit , herbs and essential oils. I also help people organize and purge their homes and offices. This website is mostly for fun. Another section of the website has food recipes. The idea is how to Run your skin regiment, how to run your meal planning, how to run your home, I may eventually help people budget and help run their finances. I would like the logo to feel like it is moving forward and potentially up.There can be elements of nature, citrus fruit, dance, cooking utensils, organization. I want it to feel playful and the font to be on the feminine side and possibly connected with cursive. 

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  • Hi @rcinfinity,
    Congratulations on the idea!

    Really love the website concept. I believe sharing knowledge about home and DIY kind of stuff is truly something going a long way.
    Please check version #59 and #60 of what I think is the best version of the logo.
    I stayed away from using green as main color 'cause it's neither an eco/bio-cosmetics nor a food line.
    I used bright magenta 'cause it's catchy and strong and feminine and not on the soft side.
    Great idea on using connected cursive font letters, that's the way to go for DIY.

    Let me know what you think/feel.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
  • Quirky, fun and original :) #66
  • Playful and elegant at the same time.

    Catchy and very recognizable.
    This is a working version,so if u like I can change colours,fonts,fruits etc. #46
  • Hello there CH @rcinfinity. Hope you are having a great day, The logo is designed to look professional, playful and is according to your brief. Waiting for your valuable feedback on the logo made. Ready to do any revisions if required.

    3B DESIGNS #24
    • I'm waiting for your valuable feedback on the above design made CH @rcinfinity .

  • Pretty! I would like the color of the circle to be different. I can't tell if it should be orange to match the orange or yellow maybe. Can you play with a few different colors for the circle. The purple feel a little too black
    light. Thanks! #41
    • @rcinfinity Chekck #45

  • Version #3 #44
  • Hi! I like this! Can you move the house in the middle, spoon and whisk first and play with a few other idea where the leaf is? Possibly a dandelion, a cut citrus fruit, coconut... #19
    • @rcinfinity Thanks for your feedback. I posted the revisions with the changes you requested at #42 and #43

  • About #35, @Daph Hi! Can you change the font to be in the same feeling but without the curly bits at the end?
  • Hi! I really like the lime green where it is. Can you change the orange to hot pink/Magenta and the red to a bright dark purple. You can keep the orange the correct color. Thanks! #33
    • @rcinfinity Thanks for the feedback, i have 2 new version, hope you like it #41

    • @rcinfinity Thanks for the feedback, i have 2 new version, hope you like it #41

  • New version. @rcinfinity #35
  • Hi! Can you finish the end of the circle into an infinity? I am open to how you could do that .Also would you please capitalize the R in both of the Run's and make the font pretty and curvy but slimmer? #31
  • RunRachelRun #32
  • Any feedback is welcome! #31
  • Also, can you try the font color as Lime green and the background black? and the opposite, font black and the filling color lime green? #15
    • @rcinfinity Thanks for your feed back. Check out revisions on #19 and #20

  • Hello! Hope you will like my version #18
  • Also, can you try the font color as Lime green and the background black? and the opposite, font black and the filling color lime green?
  • Hi! Can you make the pictures on the bottom only 3. Keep the house. For the picture with the fork and spoon, can you change the fork to a whisk? The red card can be taken out and rather then the face, can you put something like a tree, plant or herb? #15
  • This contest is not guaranteed?
  • please feedback me? thanks #14
  • Hello. Please you watch and rating for my design sir. Thank You #10