Rustic Ring

I had over 275 entries on a $275 budget. I saw things I never would have dreamed of. Design Contest has some of the most talented graphic artists I've ever seen on 1 site. Communicating with the artist(s) was quick and very simple. This is my 2nd design contest and probably not my last.

$275 paid

289 custom designs

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Winning design #191 by archinla, Logo Design for Rustic Ring Contest
Gold Medal

designed by archinla

Project description

This is a new company that sells hand crafted rings, bracelets and necklaces made from silverware. I am not looking for anything "old" nor "redneck" I am looking for something classy and elegant.  The rings we make are some of the best on the market. I want to look and feel like a real Jeweler. I would prefer to have the logo colors in light blue, med blue or silver.  I am not stuck on that and will take a look at any suggestions. This is my 2nd time to use this site and was very impressed with my purchase. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Just a reminder, my products are made from silverware and do NOT contain diamonds.

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  • Check this is another idea #269
  • Check this design on white and black background to see the real beauty of the logo before adding the sliver mock up #268
  • I design this without any mock up and I need the feedback back on it as soon as possible #267
  • @k_copeland hope you like this new concept. have a great day! #262
  • @k_copeland hope you like this new style., have a nice day sir. #261
  • I warn you to drag the design. Otherwise, I will sue you for copying. #211
    • @vikifil I really like your work and not sure why you thought I would ever cheat anyone. With your tone, I will remove you from the final selection. Too bad, I REALLY liked yours too.

    • @vikifil You know what? I had yours rated at an 88 with the next closes at an 84. Maybe if you'd get the name of my company correct and not be so rude, you'd win more. BTW, the name of my company is "Rustic Ring" not "Rusting Ring". Geez, you're pathetic! I hope everyone sees this.

  • @k_copeland Good morning sir, hope you like this colored version. Have a nice day1 #249
  • Here is my vision about your company.
    If is there anything you would like to change, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Kind regards #248
  • Need a one on one with you #191
  • how about this one? #210
  • Please check this entry. #207
  • RR lettermark and crown logo design. Please check this entry. Thanks. #206
  • Please check this entry. #204
  • My proposal design 08 #202
  • My proposal design 07 #201
  • My proposal design 06 #200
  • Hi sir, Please check my concept one this,,, and hope you like it. Waiting for feedback your, thank's #198
  • Hello, ch @k_copeland
    please check my design, if you need a change do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thanks. #186
  • Hello, ch @k_copeland
    please check this one, if you need a change do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thanks. #184
  • I really like this one, however, the R's look more like K's. #159