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Winning design #103 by Babba, Logo Design for Ryan OBrien Publishing Contest
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designed by Babba

Project description

Need a logo designed for a young adult and middle grade author. Look at thelandofwhooseries.com website for our books so far. Our first series is the Land of Whoo Series with the final book coming out this Christmas and another middle grade series to be out in the Spring of 2014. We are self published and plan on visiting 6,000 kids in 3 states this year.

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  • hi there, I am just looking for some more information before I start designing the logo Would you like the logo based around the book cover on your website? and the description (An adopted Michael Henry yearned for some excitement in his life. Away from his friends, in a new neighborhood and school, he discovers the adventures of a lifetime as he learns of a portal with access to the Land of Whoo. Michael Henry and his new best friend, Savannah James, discover a secret portal to another land. It will take all of their courage to survive the challenges ahead, but the challenges back at home are easily as great. On the other side of the portal, the secrets of Michael Henry’s past and future will be revealed to him, but first he must prove himself worthy as he faces the challenges of the Five Trials to take his rightful place as the Chosen One. The friends will need the skills and inner strength they've acquired in one land to save those they love in the other.) Many thanks Evie
  • Hi again I created two designs after your comments, this one was was more unusual than the other and also very bold, I have reached the entry limits and can't download any more. If you would like to see the other one please let me know. thanks
    • I like the tree design the best Can the letters in the tree stand out better with a different color or style

    • do you have any color for the text in mind? ............................................

    • Evie, The graphics that deal with adventure can be deleted so there I'd more room for the name in the tree Thanks

    • I have sent the design with the new text via e-mail as I cant enter any more designs. Many Thanks evie

  • hi there, would love some feedback, if there is anything you need changing in any of my designs I would be more than happy to do so for you! :) #4 and #3 Many thanks evie
    • We like the idea of the tree as we used it on our website. I would like it to "pop" or stand out more and have a different font and color wor the words Also I am currently writing middle grade books and will write for an older market as we will market to the group of readers as they mature

    • hi there, I will make the changes and post the improved one soon!

  • Thanks Evie
  • Do not use photo traced image or clip art in logo design. Source: http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/pNHpT3lCG3w/maxresdefault.jpg
  • we like your thoughts but think that it is too close to the logo for dreamworks films
    • Dear Ryan, I understand your concerns now and thank you for your comment. I assure you that any similarity is a pure coincidence. I was not thinking of that particular logo or any other, but only on the brief you gave us and what books actually mean to me. I have no idea what is the story behind Dreamork logo, but the little boy fishing. Only thing I did, when I finally visualized my concept of the boy rowing on the Moon, is that I gave my best to make sure there is no such a logo or concept in publishing sector. Thank you one more time.

  • Dear contest holder, #61 is my entry. I gave you few different color options, but I can easily change anything if you have any suggestions. Feedback is always welcome!
  • Dear Ryan OBrien, Here is my first entry #58, please share some feedback
  • Dear Ryan OBrien, Here is my first entry #52. I have tried a bit of a different feel, moving from corporate to a little more organic and friendly!! I have drawn your dog Creek with a quill in his mouth. The dogs head can be used alone or with your name next to it. Kind regards, Liz
  • Please do not copy or use phototraced image in logo contest; Source: http://svecovarena.deviantart.com/art/Tiger-322873820
  • Dio
    Hello again CH I have just submitted my new design. Its #42 .
  • Hey, I made some changes, please consider my new design, #41 . Any feedback would be of great help!
  • i like your idea and think it would stand out better with just the flame in the middle and no holder
    • Dio

      Thank you very much for the feedback i will start working on it shortly.

  • like the cursive writing but not the design above it
  • Super design can you encorporate additional colors like a green or a red
  • instead of a leaf could you put the 'eye of the tiger' they have an occular eye like a human's eye and are one of my characters. possible even a line coming from the eye
  • we like your design # 21 but would like the ryan obrien to be in cursive or a written style
  • Hi We really like your design # 15 and are trying to figure out a way to get our message of a book or a reader in the logo. thanks Ryan
  • Hello CH i hope u like my desing #39 give me some feedback please :)
  • Hello dear Ryan OBrien, This is my idea #38 for your company logo. I was thinking as a reader, finding a book as a travel, an adventure, a fantasy, taking me to the new worlds... so came up with the excited young man rowing on the young moon (youth spirit) among the stars, exploring and having new adventures. I was hoping you may consider the concept interesting. Kind regards.