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We are a property management company specializing in single family homes and small multi-family properties. We manage people's homes. We are a smaller company that is environmentally forward, relationship-driven, and is involved in the community. Our owner's vision of the logo has a cedar tree in it, and we are currently using the same cedar tree that is in the Lebanese flag in our logo. We definitely would like the tree worked into the logo. We are looking for something clean, bright, modern and professional that we can use as a logo, letterhead, on business cards, on signs, etc. You can view the website it will be integrated to and learn more about us at www.sigrentals.com

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  • Hi! We love this design, and we feel that it would be perfect for something like stationary/business cards. However, for our signage, we feel that "SIG" should be a little more prominent somehow. Would you be willing to re-work this a little to make the SIG pop a little more? We want someone driving by to focus on that tree (which you've accomplished) and SIG. #61
    • Hello!
      Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I can no longer publish options in the contest (when the contest ended it against the rules).
      But if you pick me a winner, I guarantee rework according to your wishes. I assure you, the result will be high and you will get several options adapting for the signage and corporate identity About #61, @kyle_s

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  • i hope you like

    thanks. #103
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  • We like a lot about this - the prominence of "SIG," and the use of the trees. Is there a way this can be re-worked to feature seeing a tree in its entirety? #86
    • @kyle_s yes sir. i will make another study.

    • @kyle_s hi sir. i already submitted the request revise. #88 #89 #90 hope you like it. thank you for the rating sir.

  • We really love the concept here! Is there a way we can make the "SIG" portion more pronounced than "Property Management"? #85
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  • clean and modern... #65
  • please rate and feedback . thanks sir :) #64
  • Hello! Could we see this logo with the version of the tree that we provided? Can we also see a couple different font options? #21
    • Thanks for your feedback. Please check out my new entries. About #21, @kyle_s

  • Hello! Could we see this logo with the version of the tree that we provided? Can we also see a "." after the G? #24
    • About #24, @kyle_s hi, thank you for your feedback please check #40

  • hi project holder feel free to ask if you have something to change, thank you #31
  • hope you like it #30
  • i wish you like my design, thanks #29
  • We'd definitely like the "SIG" portion to stand out a bit more. Also, I think we're looking for something a little bolder and modern for our website. #17
  • Like the other entry, we love the classic business professionalism here. However, we are looking for something that incorporates our tree and says something about managing properties. #3