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Xckel was fantastic - seemed to be a level above many we worked with. The evolution of our design was quick, smart and right on the mark.

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Winning design #39 by xckel, Logo Design for SA Integrated Therapies Contest
Gold Medal

designed by xckel

Project description

PROJECT: To design a high quality logo for a health centre (physiotherapy, podiatry, massage, Chinese Medicine, Dietetics) which has a very contemporary modern fit out. Please see our Facebook page for recent photos of our new clinic 
We already have a logo, but need this revised or preferably for someone to come up with a completely new idea. However, we would like to maintain the cheetah at the heart of our logo and incorporate more of a wholistic health feel to it.  The cheetah should be recognisable as a cheetah.  Though, I am happy to be completely surprised with a new, unique logo.
BACKGROUND ON CURRENT LOGO: We have used the cheetah as a representation of natural, biomechanics, movement, agility, speed, etc. But we also need to incorporate an overall natural health element to our logo without complicating it too much. For example: a cheetah walking through green grass (a basic idea). 
DESIGN PREFERENCE: Font with Graphics. 
COLOUR PREFERENCE: Orange, green, blue and possibly grey - slightly washed out colours. However, the logo needs to look good in white too, as signage will be placed onto wood backings (see photos of reception desk). Basically happy to see whatever designers can come up with. 
 Thank you

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  • This getting better and better. I'd like to see the dark eye and strike that the cheetah has on its face. Looks good
    • About #52, @andrew4 sorry i cant do any more changes to the logo before the contest expire, have to go to work. Hope u like it. Best regards.

  • This is your best design, but not quiet enough fluency in the cheetah - needs to be a bit more of a natural running style. I think the green circle is a bit plain too. I'm not sure whether you can incorporate some other natural element into it, without making it too complicated. Thanks for your work.
  • according to your request, I've made improvements to the design, please feedback, thank you ... #54
  • It looks fantastic. It's obviously very complex but your work is brilliant. I think the plant looks great - I'm not sure if you could make it blend better between the human and cheetah? This might be difficult. Thank you
  • This lot is my favourite - could you do two different grades of Grey/black between the SA and the Integrated therapies. Add a gradient to the green and add the facial markings eye and dots of cheetah in the same colour as the half circle (green or gradient green).
    Thanks for your work.
  • This is really simple and nice - could you do the form of a cheetah running in the green and make it recognisable that it is a cheetah. Thanks
  • Hi Ch, i tried the tree thing but it only makes the logo congested so i decided to switch it to a plant. Please let me know your comments. You're right about the neck so I lower it a bit. #39. Thank you.
  • Thanks for this - its a bit different to what I was thinking but I do like it - this version is best with just the SA and Integrated therapies. Could I look at something similar but with a cheetah moving with the green outline - the cheetah will be white and fill in the green space like on your other version. The green you have used is nice. Hope this makes sense. Thank you
    • About #32, @andrew4 Hello, Mr. Andrew, glad you like the idea, i will try to do some changes. Thanks for the feedback.

  • beautiful logo, but really looking for movement and a little nature in it if possible. Also just SA Integrated Therapies not South Australian Integrated Therapies. Thank you it is a fantastic logo.
    • YAD

      About #38, @andrew4 thanks ch :)

  • This is another beautiful logo and image. I was wondering whether you could replace the mountains with a sort of tree image that goes into cheetah type spots across the back? I'm not sure about the top arm of the running man as it really thickens the cheetahs neck. Could we also just have SA instead of South Austrlalian. I really really like the font and colours. Great work!
  • Another great variation - still think I like the single leaf better. Thanks
  • abstract "SA" initials on logo #35
  • Hi Ch, thanks for your comments. Please see my entry #34.
  • Thank you I like this one the best. I'm not sure how much further we can take this as I think this is great. Please feel free to work on any other designs or revisions if you want. I'll keep you posted on how it goes, but this is a strong contender. Thank you
  • Hi, I'm busy on this weekend and can't make the changes,can you extended you contest more one day please? On Monday I'll send you the changes on the logo, if can't I'll understand. Thanks
  • try with bigger dots #30
  • on the orange cheetah I think the white looks the best. The dots you have done look great, but sorry to be a pain, could you also have them spread from the bottom of the neck to the back line. I think this is the only area of the logo I'd like to see work better - I really want people to recognise it as a cheetah, not a lion or cougar.
  • thank you for what you have done, but at the moment this is not quiet what we are looking for.
  • Can you make the dots white (and nose) and add about double the amount to the cheetah. I was also wondering if it would look good if there were more around the neck shoulder area and they tapered off down the body.

    Can you also do a version where all the dots are grey and the face markings are grey - similar to your last facial logo. I hope that makes sense. Thanks
  • Thanks for all the extra revisions. I'd really like to see more movement in the logo - full cheetah moving. The image is fantastic but won't really work for our logo at this point. Thanks