Sacred Ceremonies of Connecticut

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Winning design #35 by hongxia, Logo Design for Sacred Ceremonies of Connecticut Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hongxia

Project description

I need to use the praying hands attached for Sacred Ceremonies of Connecticut...although in different colors...perhaps shades of lavender, purple (but with the dots above each set of hands in red. I would like to see just the one set of the praying hands along with the name and also 2 sets of them (perhaps reflecting one another) The look is modern and streamlined. I would be curious to see it all in a color block...tan or brown maybe with a white font? Thanks! PS I am also attaching a page of logos that it will appear with in some cases, so there is context as well as insight to my design aesthetic. PLEASE HAVE THE DOTS ABOVE EACH PAIR OF HANDS MATCH THE RED OF THE JEWELRY LOGO ON THE ATTACHED PAGE. Thanks.

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  • CH, There are no files attached, as mentioned. dlbonanno64
  • Thanks. I am away from my computer that has the files but will upload tomorrow - Friday. When I am back. Thanks.
  • Namaste, Sure, I'll make those changes for you. Thanks.
  • Dear Namaste, I will work on it, thanks! Hongxia
  • How would this look as a circle with a border?
  • May I see this with a brown background, lavender border and lavender (as you have it) thinner font - Thanks
  • where you put an orange border may i see a lavender one....and with a thinner font. Thanks
  • May I see this in a thinner font. Thanks,
  • I actually do like the square...
  • and nay i see it with a a square brown background with perhaps some slight grainy or linen texture. Thanks.
  • i like this. may i see this with just one set of the hands (facing up) and the white words beneath. thank you.
  • Namaste, sure thing. I'll get to work and make the changes.
  • and perhaps also see this font in brown, keep the praying hands touching but just have one set lighter?
  • May I see it with space between the two sets of praying hands (words in between) and a white font that is a bit more modern all in a brown rectangle or square or circle. Thanks
  • I need to use the praying hands I have attached in the brief.
  • I like it being one set of hands but would also like to see 2 sets of hands (the other pointing down) creating a diamond sort of pattern...thanks
  • I need to use praying hands in document attached to brief. Thanks
  • I need to use praying hands in document attached to brief. Thanks
  • I need to use praying hands in document attached to brief. Thanks
  • I need to use the image of the praying hands in document attached to brief. Thanks