Sacred Ceremonies of Connecticut

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Winning design #22 by Dabbey54, Logo Design for Sacred Ceremonies of Connecticut Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dabbey54

Project description

Please give me ideas for a high end logo that is clean AND traditional... I am an officiant for outdoor weddings.... Primarily for The Mayflower Inn in Washington., CT.... if that website gives you a sense of the clientele. Thanks.

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  • also, i like the direction of your colors but they feel a bit dark...may I see them a bit less saturated. Thanks
  • I'm new to this website. I did what you asked, but I guess because I uploaded 3 entries already, so it won't let me upload them. I didn't know I'd be limited to entering only those 3.
  • And, ;let's try a the font can all be the same size as per my original image. Thanks.
  • oh, and with the font in the blue...thanks
  • Thanks. May I see this with a thinner lined border and in the blue shade?
  • Hi, I am not sure what is happening...the image with the "winner - gold medal" no longer has Sacred Ceremonies of Connecticut underneath it. However, my request is to download both the one with only the birds, heart and garland AND one with Sacred Ceremonies of Connecticut underneath it. Thanks
  • About #22 A combination of the blue and grey shades in #19 and the red in #15
  • Love the blue and grey shades. May I also see this one with the heart color as it is in #15....thanks
  • #20 Sorry about the typo - changed and the colour on the font. Do you prefer any of them? If you are thinking about business card I would do this design similar to this number 14 and you could choose any colour for that.
  • I have a couple revamped ideas in gold that I would like to show you, unfortunately my upload limit is reached at the moment.
  • About #18 same design but i varied the font style.
  • actually, the mayflower inn blue may be too babyish with the pink heart... will you just lighten the the tone of grey and blue you already have...just to brighten it a touch...thanks
  • Hello CH, just submitted #16 for your review. Colors can change as you please. Thank you
  • About #15 Oh ok...I now understand Thank You. Would do exactly as you say.
  • Please look at and have the blue and grey match that of their logo in the top left corner of website. If the heart needs to be lightened a bit to match the lighter blue and grey that's fine...whatever seems best. Once all that is done, I think we have a winner :-)
  • About #5 by blue-grey, you mean one bird colored blue and one colored grey or both colored in a "mixture of blue and grey"
  • I like this a lot, May I see it in a lighter grey AND a Blue-Grey....keeping the heart the same color. Thanks
  • I like this design a lot . It is actually SACRED Ceremonies...Secret Ceremonies sounds pretty interesting, though! May I the text in a greyish blue. Thanks
  • #10 A diamond looked at from the top! That's how I see it - will do another solution as well.
  • Hi CH, Just wondering if it should be gender neutral logo? Kind regards,