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Project description

SACS = Safe Access to Cannabis Support

We are a medical marijuana dispensary looking for a professional logo design. We would prefer it not to be too corny but rather sophisticated.

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  • What did I receive an infraction for? None of my work were photos, they were brushes. Someone please explain this to me!
    • @HAZEL35 This is the message I got "All logos are required to be a vector and also 100% your own work"......It was my own work, also the image is a vector, we only upload them as a jpg for the contest!!

  • Try darkening the green a little. Also space the letters in "SACS" out a little more. #33
    • About #33, @jasonpernell hi, just submitted the revision, #46. please check. thank you

  • Try changing the font for "SACS" #32
  • Can you please try spacing the letters out a little in SACS? #1
    • About #1, @jasonpernell working on it. thank you

    • About #1, @jasonpernell hi, just submitted the revision, #33. please check. thank you

  • About #5, @realdesigner : please play with the a, it looks more like an o
    • About #32, @jasonpernell I hope you like it ? please provide feedback thanks

  • Please check #31
  • About #10, @CAMPION1 , can you make the letters a little more thick? Just a little, not too much.
    • About #10, @jasonpernell Yes, #30

  • Please check #29
  • About #23, @patoy12 , the A in SACS is too busy looking
  • About #18, @realdesigner , would like to see the cannabis leaf on the side of the word SACS
  • About #16, @realdesigner, the cannabis leaf does not look right.
  • About #7, @krisdesign , too much interference on the A
  • Please check #24
  • check this one,,, i hope you like #8
    • @BadGuys Please check new font #11. I hope you like.

  • Please check #4
    • @CAMPION1 - I like it, please play with the fonts a little

  • Hello. Please check #3
  • Looking for a logo that more resembles the industry. This would be a great logo for a technology company. #2
  • Try to incorporate the medical marijuana cross or leaf into the design.