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Awesome Experience!! Love my new design! Lots of creative ideas that I never even thought of. A little more direction at the end of the process as far as what files need to be saved and how to go about that would have been good. However, the customer service personnel was very helpful!! Would use again and will be using again soon for our other business.

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Winning design #129 by uzmasgh, Logo Design for SafeNet Insurance Services Contest
Gold Medal

designed by uzmasgh

Project description

Want a special design on the name of Company and a logo. This will be for our website, sign, and business cards. My thoughts on a logo were something with a safety net, with a house, car, and a person on it or a net under the name or something along those lines. Something to convey protection. Colors are optional, I was thinking black background with white letters and a red logo? nothing specific in mind though. Open to anything that matches name and purpose though.

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  • Hello chasityhall, please check my entrie #21 . Values ​​to communicate, safety, union, protection. Any comments or suggestions, please let me know. Regards
  • Really like this! One of my top choices so far.
    • Thank you so much for the feedback. and if u have any suggestions let me know :)

  • Ant wok. Don't like all the lowercase. Thanks!!
  • Like this for sure.
  • Hello CH! let me know what you think about my first entry #3 . any changes you wanna see on that?
    • I like this! What are ur thoughts about this drawing as far as what it represents?

    • It's kinda a protected cube.. you can see a cube as a house, or a object, wich gives the idea of protection. I can work on that, or i can work more with a net safe.. regards

  • This is interesting.....
  • Want more of a picture
  • What about a house or car in this image?
  • Sorry, not quite what I was thinking. I would like more of a picture to go with the name.
  • Hello CH, Please take a look at entry #2. I'm trying to represent security bu using a knot. I use the initials "S" & "N" as strands of the knot, to tie in the brandname. I use the recommended color scheme. Hope you like it. Do let me know what you think, and whether you'd like to see any changes. Thanks, Victor Fdez
  • Yes, I like this better. Thanks!! Stuck on these colors.... for some reason.
  • This could be a crazy thought and honestly not even sure I would go this route.... but wonder what a fishing net would be like? we do live in a mountain town? hope that's not silly, lol:) this idea is totally opposite of what my true image would be., but curious.
  • I like this! I wonder what a black background would look like? Thanks!
  • I like, a new top choice:)
    • Hello chasityhall !I read the brief and immediately thought of something simple,to the point and understanding.And came up with this concept.I'm glad you liked it! thank you in behalf!

  • I like! Creative.
  • Really like! Another top choice!
  • Not eye grabbing enough
  • I like the person on the end. I don't like the red ribbon thing. What about making a house out of the A and maybe putting the Person in a car? I would like it to say Insurance as well.... Would you mind to try this for me? Thanks for your idea!
    • Thanks for the feedback. I couldn't put the guy in the car without losing the guy as the "T" you like but I did make some changes for you and look forward to what you think. It's #80 Thanks.

  • Hello Chasity Hall, can you please view my first entry #69 and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • Thanks for trying this..... if I did fishing idea, may try green and browns out, prob should have specified..... sorry, this one doesn't work for me. thank you so much for all your ideas.... what else do you have in mind:)