Sal & Jimmy's Pizza

Great to see how this came together. From initial concept to final design, we saw it it go in many directions and through many iterations before finally seeing the one that made us say "Yes!", that's the one we were looking for! Such a relief to be able to move forward with the new business with an exciting new image we can brand and make our own. Thanks so much.

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Winning design #77 by JoshPickles93, Logo Design for Sal & Jimmy's Pizza Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JoshPickles93

Project description

Looking to create a logo for new pizzeria in NJ.
Something with the company name on a pizza peel or other thoughts.

Also looking for something creative- a unique type of Logo if we do not use the Peel design. 

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  • Not sure how this works since this is our first design contest. Would you be able to make the change after the decision is made or are we buying from the list that was produced? Also, if we go with your design, I'd like to keep in contact should we need other artwork in the future without the need of a contest.
  • Can you also change 'Jersey" to "New Jersey"?
    • Sure. I can't upload it since the contest has expired. You would have to extend it. About #78, @jimponczek

  • please give me comment #98
  • Better! Solves the peel handle and emboldens the names. #87
    • @jimponczek Thank you Jim. Glad you like it.

  • I hope this proposal will be to your liking, just as I am at your command. #92 , #93 , @k1ll05
  • I went for a Flat, Modern and Unique design. I hope you like the diversity is this one from the others. Apologies for the spelling error on the previous attempt. #83
  • @jimponczek Alternate color palette. Thanks #79
  • Handle is way too dark now. Text getting lost. Needs a better peel and stronger font for the name. #52
    • About #52, @jimponczek no worries i will get back to you with few revision soon.

  • A late entry but everyone is responding well to it. Can you show me a different pizza peel? #55
    • sure thing. brb. About #55, @jimponczek

    • @jimponczek I made the requested adjustments. I did 2 different peels #77 #78 Thanks

  • @jimponczek Please give your suggestion for my submissions like #65 #66 #67 #72 and #76. Thanks!!!
  • I like it. Waiting for some feedback from my business partner this morning. #71
  • Need Suggestion Please!!! #72

  • #68
  • Need suggestion please!!! #67
  • Need your feedback!!! #66
  • @jimponczek Please find my background independent submission. Please give your suggestion. Thanks!!! #65
  • @jimponczek Hi, please review my proposal. If you have any suggestion, please let me know. Thank you #55
  • Decided to go with a contemporary look utilizing flat colors. I believe that this logo will work across many platforms such as print materials, signage, packaging, and much more. I wanted to stay somewhat traditional to pizza restaurants using a red and green color scheme, but please let me know if you would like to see some different colors.

    Look forward to hearing your feedback! #53
  • Still not sure of the hole in the peel handle. Why can't it just be a pizza peel?
    Definitely like the ampersand from the other font.
    Don't like to color change for the ampersand.
    Pizza looks better now.
    Can the state be moved up a little?
    Blocked at the bottom by 'pizza'.
    • About #49, @jimponczek Hi Jim, i will do this changes and get back to you ASAP. Do you want me to keep the font for Sal and Jimmy's but only change the ampersand from the previous i used or you want to go back completely to old font i used.

  • Hi Jim, i hope this closer to what you ask. I will upload one more a little be later. Thanks #49