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We were very pleased with our DesignContest for our company logo. The web platform was easy to navigate and the workflow was intuitive. We had multiple designs and artists working on the contest from day 1. The platform made it easy to communicate with the artists and give feedback on the designs, which is a very important part of the contest. Give feedback! It does take some effort on your part, but the designers will feel less frustrated and you will arrive at a design better than you imagined. We did! Very satisfied with the product and the process.

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Winning design #175 by 3B-Designs, Logo Design for Sala Thai Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 3B-Designs

Project description

Sala Thai sells high-quality teak outdoor furniture and custom-glazed ceramic pots, planters, and sinks. Our local market is Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and we anticipate serving the Southwest through our e-retail site. Our company will introduce Sala Thai style outdoor furnishings so families can redeem their outdoor living space. After living in Thailand for 23 years we have come to appreciate how the Thai people use natural elements: wood, water, vegetation, and indigenous fabrics to create a beautiful, harmonious and comfortable living space outdoors which they call "sa-bai." With imported Teak furniture and custom-glazed ceramics from northern Thailand our products will help people create their own outdoor harmony and comfort. Sala Thai products will help them create their own Thai Sa-bai.

A Thai sala is a Thai-style pavilion or open-air, covered meeting place. It is usually furnished for comfort, rest and relaxation, and enjoying time alone or with friends and family. In Thai script Sala Thai looks like this: ศาลาไทย . We think the Thai script will be confusing so if you use it make sure it is a small, minor element of the design.

We uploaded some pictures of a Thai sala and some outdoor living spaces. Remember, we offer premium teak furniture that help our customers create beautiful, relaxing outdoor living space to gather with friends and family. We want the logo to somehow reflect outdoor living. We like the idea of a Thai style roof, but you can be creative! We like that some designs are trying to create a symbol that is associated with the brand. We think the Thai script will be confusing so it may be best to remove it. We would like to incorporate a tag line that mentions our product: "quality teak furniture"

Our logo needs to be simple and elegant reflecting our product or outdoor living. It will need to be branded into the furniture.


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  • make abstract chair from salathai for represent wood furniture. :) #202
  • here it is my last design
    thank you. #181
  • Changed the letter 'A' and also reduced the white space between the text and the symbol as requested CH @thaiteam #175
  • maybe you like this design. Thanks. #161
  • SALA THAI #157
  • Love the symbol and overall design! Love the fonts and layout. Could you offer a few variations? We like the font but would like to see a version with the "A" in sala thai that have the cross bar. We like that the A looks like a rood, but just wan to see a version with a normal A. Also, could you reduce the white space between the symbol and sala thai. Thanks! #142
  • Here is another logo design CH @thaiteam. The logo is designed to look simple, clean, elegant and professional. Waiting for your thoughts on this one. :) #142
  • Creative eye catching logo #141
  • Hello again CH @thaiteam! Thanks for your wonderful feedback on my design. Glad that you liked it. The requested changes have been made and the logo is now updated. Waiting for your feedback on this one. #140
  • Simple and minimalist #135
  • Please Check and feedback for design me. And hope you like this. Thank's very much. #134
  • mock up #131
  • Sorry. Slight improvement on the letter "S". Thanks. #130
  • Understanding your suggestions, then I decided to create a letters tifography. The shape of the letters is adjusted to the form "a symmetrical" so as to create harmony.
    The advantage is, you have a letter that "typical" and Everyone will be easy to know your logo. And the look of this design feels beautiful printed on the furniture of your classy products. That's my analysis :). I just hope you have the same feelings. Hopefully .. Thanks #129
  • We just upgraded to Guaranteed contest. You still have time to submit your best work! Please read the brief and comments on top rated designs. We are impressed with everyone's hard work and creativity so we know we will be satisfied! Thank you!
  • About #94, @yan_shie_03
    i hope I'm not too late in next entry.
    i'm not at office now until 2 days later.
    i really interested with this contest.
    but..if i'm too late thank you for your suggestions.
  • About #87, @halimpu_art
    You are able to feel what my feelings are in this design, soft simplicity. You have a very fine art feeling. Great! And I understand you still have not got anything you want. Ok, I'll try again. Thank you for your wonderful advice. Thanks .. :)
  • About #87, @halimpu_art
    You are able to feel what my feelings are in this design, soft simplicity. You have a very fine art feeling. Great! And I understand you still have not got anything you want. Ok, I'll try again. Thank you for your wonderful advice. Thanks .. :)
  • Hello,
    Thank you for the review ,
    I'll make more viable.
    Thank you
  • Please check my revisions.
    Thank you for your feedback and reference.
    Hopefully I can give you the best results.
    Regards. #118