Chrissara79 was great to deal with, produced high quality designs and made adjustments along the way during the competition to further improve the design to our requirements. After the competition was won Chrissara79 was just as good to work with and could not do enough for us. Great Job professionally done. Thank you.

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Winning design #253 by Chrissara79, Logo Design for Salamander  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Chrissara79

Project description

I wish to get a modern designed logo for Salamander.

I have attached a copy of a logo that I like, obviously we can only use this for inspiration and it can not be copied.

The colours that I wish to use must be as follows:

Dark Navy Blue

The Dark Navy Blue is to be dominant over the Orange as a preference.

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  • I noticed that the position of the caricature is slightly different in both the circular version and the square version. I understand that the tail needs a slightly different shape and length based on the square version needing that, but I quite like the positioning of the head facing upwards in the square version. Can you show me this position in the circular version as well. #239
  • @panderson Three Version. #242
  • This looks great. Perhaps you could re-add the circle design that you originally submitted as well in both the wording below as well as beside the logo. #220
  • @panderson Hi, please check. #234
  • @panderson Hi, this is it. #233
  • Thank you. That is looking more useable, however, the name Salamander must be no greater than the width of the logo above it. So you still need to do a little more work to make this work for me. #224
    • About #224, @panderson Ok, I'll send it soon, thank you.

  • @panderson Hi, here it is the square version, you can use the square version for disc and the other version for the other needs, what do you think about it? #224
  • Color test and more rounded design- Please let me know if I'm in the right direction, thanks! #218
  • You seem to be getting somewhere with this. The only concern that I have is that I need to also use this logo to create a disc which will be square. This will expose this logo to showing a considerable amount of white space. Is there something that you can do with this to take this into account without impacting the flair that you have placed in this design? #216
  • This is a classy stylish logo. The orange is great - the blue is great. The only concern that I have is that I also need to use this logo on a square disc and the amount of white space would be a bit of a concern when I square this off. I do not want to change the flair in the logo, but it is a concern. Can you do anything here? #185
  • @panderson #217
  • @panderson more gradient #216
  • @panderson #215
  • @panderson #209
  • Same previous example. I can see you like gradients just a test for you to see how this concept looks like. #208
  • @panderson more gradient in navy blue #204
  • Simplifying the salamander instead of showing the typical entire body. A more simple, clean and symbolic logo. #202
  • @panderson This is the last one, what about this color? Is the right colors? #201
    • @panderson I can make more gradient in navy blue colors if you want it..

  • @panderson #200
  • Clean and minimalistic design. #199