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Winning design #72 by PrasadHarshad, Logo Design for SalamCall Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PrasadHarshad

Project description

We are offering cheap prepaid mobile telephony specifically targeting the Muslim communities in Africa. We need a catchy logo and a catching "pay-off" or slogan to go along with it. We are addressing Nigeria and Sudan, but will expand to other countries in due time. We aim at being at least 20% cheaper than the competition and we use sophisticated technology from Europe. Hence, we can create services addressing the Muslims in conjunction with the religious leaders.

The design needs to relate to the Muslim faith Islam, which has to be incorporated in the design e.g. the crescent moon.

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  • alternatives with less crescent moons #73
  • alternatives with different colors and fonts . #72
  • Hello. Please comment & rate #61,#62.
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  • Assalamualaikum, this is my lastest work for Salam Call "Pay-Off". thank's for your attention sir.

    Best regards from Severus #59
  • I hope you like it !!!! #56
  • check my design and I will await you feedback, please do not hesitate to request any changes. #53
  • @tsp What do you think #44 ? feedback appreciated.
  • hi CH, please check my entries, #43, #41, #40. I use "Assalamu'alaikum" as the slogan for this muslim prepaid mobile telephony, cause that's how the muslims greeting. hope you'll like it. thanks
  • Dear CH, please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #39
  • this is my fourth design concept sir. #38
  • this is my third design concept sir. #37
  • excuse me sir, I create second concept for Salam Call "Pay-Off". thank's for your attention sir.

    Best regards from Severus #36
  • For my design, I decided to use the concept for Islam's iconic symbol: a crescent moon with a star. I used a phone icon in place of the moon, as well as using the color green used in the original symbol. Feel free to give criticism/suggestion, especially if my design is deemed offensive to the religion. #19
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    Hi Designer,
    Where do you want to place our Pay-off?
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  • Hello dear client,
    Please let me know your thoughs.
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  • excuse me sir, I've create design for SalamCall "pay-off". Thank's for your attention sir.

    Best regards from Severus #7