Only a small introduction to the rules before a design contest would be great. I didn't know if I rejected a designer three times he couldn't design anymore.


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Winning design #93 by SmartRoom, Logo Design for Sambato Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SmartRoom

Project description

A logo for a gadget/product for the world championship. It has to be a lion with/or a crown and has to appeal to men. It's for the dutch market and the product where the logo will be on displayed is orange.

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  • Can't wait for the version with only gold!
    • GJR

      Hi, Sorry for keeping you waiting. I've submitted #24 & #25 with 2 different gold colours. Thanks!

  • The idea is good! The lion should be a bit better but the crown especially!
    • Thanks for the feedback. Do you mean that you like the crown, but the lion needs to be better or does the crown need work, too?

  • I'm now going to sleep (it's half past 12 in Holland) and will be up in 7 hours. Good Luck!
  • Hello. I have submitted #21 and #22. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
  • Looks really awesome! Best one I have seen. Only the crown doesn't add up, can you change it in black (lion) and white (crown) or black (lion) and gold (crown without the black colors inside)
    • GJR

      Many Thanks for the feedback - I'm glad you like my design. It's the shiny gold against the flat black of the lion that doesn't work very well. I'll work on some further variations for you. Thanks.

  • I'm sorry but I really don't like the lion, it's really strange and too fat
    • Lol, No hard feelings. Thanks for the feedback and good luck.

  • Thought I would take a chance at this one. I may have him too much looking like royalty, but I tried to put everything you kept repeating in the posts. #19
  • Way better (like the lion)! Can you change the crown a little and make it skewed?
  • Hi Charif, Pls check my revised entry #18. I hope you like it. Thanks!
  • Really creative! But I miss that it is a lion. It could be any other animal
  • The lion should look more powerfull and not a little down like this one. Crown is really complex but I like it at a strange way. Please skew the crown and make it a little smarter and the lion black. Thanks
  • Hi Charif, I just uploaded my design of the logo. Please let me know what do you think about it. Thanks.
  • Don't want the sambato text under the logo, did explain that in the brief right? also the lion is not symmetrical and to complex.
  • Really like the crown and lion, can you make the lion black and the crown gold and skewed. Thanks
    • GJR

      Thank you for your feedback. I will submit a revision as soon as I can. Thank you.

  • I really like the lion but the crown isn't wat it should be like (can be more simple and powerfull. Also I liked it to be more skewed. Thanks
  • Awesome, would like the crown to be gold and skewed, also the lion may be a little less evil.
  • Like the first one better
  • Like the lion but the crown is to pointy and I like the crown to be skewed. The lions face is awesome but it should look a little less like a pharao
  • It's better than the last one but still missing the real man lion and the crown isn't it yet
  • Too Complex lion, if it is only black it would be much better