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Winning design #166 by merlyn_toppo, Logo Design for San Dimas Optometry Contest
Gold Medal

designed by merlyn_toppo

Project description

My husband and have owned our Optometry Practice located in San Dimas, CA USA for 25 years. We are looking for a new logo for our business...We are currently remodeling our office and would like to come up with a completely new logo (I HATE our old one!!!)  Since we deal with the care and health of the eye, incorporating an "eye" design that doesn't necessarily look like an "eye" would work. (I don't want it to look like an actual eye).  I would like it to be more abstract if you are using the look of an "eye" in the design.  I am open to other options.  Cant wait to see what everyone comes up with.  Thanks

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  • eye logo Design #194
  • eye logo Design #193
  • Thanks...we really like this!! #179
    • About # 179, @ lorigarratt09 respectable CH, if there are those who want me revisions please contact me, then I will gladly revise. Best Regard Kurniawanariif

  • Dear CH,,,

    This is my submit entries in your contest, please ceck my design and concept. Thank you #178 #179

    Best regard
  • my design is the combination of letter S , D and O S. S for San, D for Dimas, and O for Optometry. #175
  • Dear lorigarratt09,

    Please check the changes. #168
  • Dear lorigarratt09,

    Please check.

    • @merlyn_toppo Ok...I guess you should put it on a white background. Can you do it with brown and plum and dark grey and plum on white background!! Sorry...we are just trying to see it in our colors!! Thanks

    • @lorigarratt09 sure will do it :)

  • Perfect...did you get my message that asked if you could do it using the colors dark grey, brown and deep plum? Thanks!! #166
    • About #166, @lorigarratt09

      Did you mean, dark grey as in the background and brown and deep purple as the logo colors?

    • @merlyn_toppo Yes thanks

  • Dear lorigarratt09 ,

    Here the metallic version on on dark background .. hope this is what you were asking for.

    Regards #166
  • We like this... Can you turn the symbol about 22.50 degrees to the right? Also, can you put it on a black background? Thanks #154
    • About #154, @lorigarratt09

      Thank you for the comments.
      You want me to rotate the symbol clockwise at 22.50 degrees?

    • @merlyn_toppo Yes, does that make sense? We may end up just leaving it as it is, but my husband wants to see the little arms that come off of it in line with one another. Thanks

    • @lorigarratt09 Also, can you show this in silver on a black background, and then use the colors dark grey, brown and deep plum with it on a white background? We want to see how our colors will look with it. Thsnks

  • Can you show me what this looks like in the metal look? Thanks #81
    • @lorigarratt09 Ok...we liked the metal, now can you show it using the colors with dark grey, brown and a deep plum color?? Thanks

  • Logo idea. Hope you like it. Good luck #149
  • Logo idea. Hope i'm on track. Good luck #148
  • Logo idea #147
  • I love this...but it looks really faded out... Can you make it in the metal look? can you also make it with some color added as well so I can see how it looks in something other than black and silver metal. thanks, I can't wait to see it again!! #131
    • About #131, @lorigarratt09

      Thank you for the rating and feedback.. i will do the changes .


  • here's a mockup of my design. Hope im on track. Good luck #139
  • here's metallic version of my other design. Hope you like it. Good luck #118
  • Here's my metallic version. hope you like it. Good luck #117
  • This is nice...Can you play with the S in the circle a little? I may end up liking it just like it is, but I would like to see what else you can do with it!! Thanks #114
  • Can you make this image with a circle in the middle instead of a D? Thanks #69