Sanctuary RV Resort

Design Contest is an excellent and economical way to get a professionally designed logo or artwork for marketing purposes. Our company tried to hire local designers with poor results. Design Contest had some many options, excellent communication and feedback. We are thrilled with the end result. We will definitely refer others to this site and will use again in the future.

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Winning design #60 by riadesign, Logo Design for Sanctuary RV Resort Contest
Gold Medal

designed by riadesign

Project description

We have a tree that we want to incorporate into the design that we are already using on our building and print material.  Currently we are using papyrus for the font.  We are looking for a design that is more unique and will allow us to incorporate into merchandise, website and print material.  We want to use browns and greens.  Our property does look "Tommy Bahama"ish.

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  • About #60, @riadesign
    Can you show me this logo on a shirt and hat? Thanks!
    • @rebecca Congratulations on winning the contest!

  • About #65, @savevski
    We're trying to eliminate the old people.
  • Sanctuary as tree of life #61
  • Can you change the background to green and the red line to brown. Also put the word RV on the same line as Sanctuary. #33
  • RV's are motorhomes not houses #57
  • Can you put RV on the same line as Sanctuary..same color and put resort underneath with a line on either side. Thanks #46
  • About #55, @riadesign
    My coworker thinks the pool ladder and chair look to cartoony.. I like where you're going but do you have a different chair?
    • @rebecca Thanks for feedback. I'll try to make something less cartoony.

    • @riadesign :)

    • @rebecca I made a ratan pool chair (silhouette) like the ones you use and three combination for logo. Let me know which one you like best. Thanks. #56

  • thank you for the feedback, posting logo with new color scheme, same as your website. Feedback appreciated. #50
  • About #46, @riadesign
    Can you drop this version into the header too? Thanks so much!
  • Can you alter the colors so they flow better with the page. #49
  • Can you take away the chair and the pool ladder? #30
    • @rebecca Here it is #46

    • @rebecca #42 is different from #37 in the shape of the birds, the sunshine and the shadow of word 'Sanctuary'.

  • About #44, @Buffy
    Can you drop this into our online header. We are trying to replace the old people.
  • Like the birds but think there is too many. #44
  • I don't like Sanctuary RV font but like the resort font #38
  • I'm sorry..forgot to tell you..I'm trying to ditch the old people! #39
  • About #18, @tjgraphics
    Can you change the green to slightly more green less avacado
  • About #18, @tjgraphics
    Can you drop this logo in on our website header so we can see how it looks
  • About #32, @riadesign
    Do you have any other ideas on the header? Pool looks too disconnected
    • @rebecca It can be simple, the actual logo, the sky and some birds. #37

  • About #30, @riadesign
    I like how the tree is connected to the pool and I love the birds! We have a lot of birds on the property
  • Trying to eliminate old people... Amy logo suggestions for that??? #28
    • @rebecca My idea for logo is #30 and for the website, the logo extended as header in #32. I hope you like it. Thanks for feedback.