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Winning design #20 by Babba, Logo Design for SanderMan Contest
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designed by Babba

Project description

SanderMan delivers software as a service. Our tag line below the name is "Human Asset Solutions". Human Asset Management implies that people in a company are regarded as the true assets – determining the success of the company. Using traditional thinking, people are either resources (Human Resource Management) or capital (Human Capital Management). Human Asset Management puts the person at the centre of the equation. In our company we focus on people, we want to create stars that perform and deliver. Key words are: ‘Star Performance’ ‘People’ ‘Software as a Service’ ‘Teamwork’ ‘Relations’ ‘Value Adding’ ‘Next Practice’ Our existing/old logo is a man. Our name comes from Sander Management Development = SanderMan (established 1989 in Denmark). The logo will be used on a website and printed documentation, it should be modern but business-like and reflect our vision, mission, and values that are all very "people focused": Vision: Outperform Your Potential - SanderMan contribute to outperformance of your potential. We set new standards within Human Asset Management and create results for the benefit of the society, the customers, the companies, the employees and other stakeholders – through innovation, partnering and creative use of technologies. Mission: Enable people to achieve results beyond expectations - Enable people to achieve results beyond expectations, by providing innovative, best-in-class concepts, tools/solutions/software, consulting and other services. - Enable change and transformation for organizations and individuals - Make it a mutual benefit for all stakeholders to work with us Values: Trust, Learning and Excellence - Earn trust, have trust – including Integrity and Loyalty - Learning – including Respect for the individual, Diversity and Team Work - Excellence leading to Value Creation The logo should include the company name ‘SanderMan’ on top with ‘Human Asset Solutions’ as a tag line below. Both lines should be the same width - please see enclosed graphic example (SanderMan_logotype_blue.pdf). We are interested in a symbol to support this text reflecting who we are and what we do. I also enclose the company colour scheme (Company_colour_scheme.pdf). Please note that the main corporate colours are blue 36/117/181 and black 29/29/27. For reference I also enclose the old company logo (Old_company_logo.pdf). Based on the above brief, please exercise creative freedom.

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  • Hi, I have tweaked my design to come up with a few variations for you. I have used the idea of the star and the footprint/fingerprint together a bit like the Hollywood Boulevard stars with the star surrounding the print to highlight the people as the important factor. I have also included one of my first designs (bottom left) where I had the footprint in Gold to emphasise the owner of the print being the main factor or star. I hope like what you see. kind regards, Paul
  • Hi, I like the idea of linking legacy/people to footprint, but our focus is more on putting people at the centre of the equation, making them the 'star'. Can you use this to tweak your design?
    • Yes, that's not a problem. I will play about with my design & post it again. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Hi, The focus is on people and putting them at the centre of the equation, making them the 'stars'. I cannot see the link between this and a truck. I'm afraid I cannot use this first shot.
  • Hi, I like the idea of 2 people around the eye. I don't know if I like that they are within a circle. I think that the graphic would be more dynamic if you removed the black circle, so it became more open. Excellent first shot :0)
  • about #3 two human around an eye eye means Asset Solutions feedback please
  • Hello CH, just submitted my first entry #1 and wanted to get some feedback on it. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, I've submitted entry #12 & #13 for your consideration. Please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design, so that I can improve it for you. Thanks & Cheers
  • Hello CH, I took your feedback into consideration and came up with this design for your logo. What do you think? Thanks! Entry #11.
  • Hello CH, thank for your feedback. I went back and added a business look to the design. What do you think? Thanks! Entry #19.
  • Hi Good idea, but very Oscar like. It is clearly recognisable, but I feel that people may be confused as o what we do. Something with the same impact, but less 'Hollywood' would be ideal. Thanks for submitting.
    • Hi there, thanks for the feedback. Based on it I have created #18. Let me know your feedback.

  • Hi Paul Thanks for the revised versions. If I had to choose, I would go for the fingerprint rather than the footprint. The star is too dominant though - more of a fashion type logo than a business logo. Can you angle is more towards business? Hope these comments help.
    • yes of course, let me re-jig the design it & I'll re-post it for you.

  • Hi #12 and #13 are both very sophisticated and very much what I am looking for. The graphic should work on its own without text, and both of these clearly do. Would you be able to send a revised version where the graphic is to the left of the text - at the same level? If you have any more ideas, please keep sending them - great work :0)
    • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design, here is options of #16 & #17. Feel free to comment and make further changes. Thanks & Cheers

  • Am I out of run? :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
    • Not at all, apologies if I have given you that impression.

  • Hi I like the logo. I'm in doubt with myself as to whether it is too futuristic for the business segment we are in. Maybe it would help if I could see how the graphic works without the text - we should be able to use the graphic on its own. Thanks for the submission, looks great.
  • Hi This version is a lot better than the truck - clearly a move in the right direction. Using this concept, can you develop this idea into a more sophisticated design that incorporates a business angle?
  • Hi From what I can see, entry #7 and #8 are the same? It looks much better now - more open now you've removed the circle. I like it.
    • It`s different between the feet of #7 and #8 . The feet of #7 more round.

    • |--|

      ccboy {*wrote*}:
      It`s different between the feet of #7 and #8 . The feet of #7 more round.
      |--| See it now :0)

  • Hi I like this much better than your man. Is it possible to tweak this a little more to highlight that people are the most important assets in a company - the 'stars'? I prefer this colour to entry #5.
  • Hi I like the entry, although it looks very much like the old logo we had. We are trying to develop a new image, so something different is needed. Thanks for submitting.
  • I like this one. Could you tweak it slightly so the background is gone, and all you have is the fingerprint as a 'negative' on a white background?
    • Not a problem, I'll tweak it now and re-post for you.

    • |--|

      inca84 {*wrote*}:
      Not a problem, I'll tweak it now and re-post for you.
      |--| Hi I can't see any of your entries. Have you removed them?

  • Hi Thanks for the different variations of the logo. They all look great.
    • Dear CH, Really thank you very much for high rated on my design, glad to try more variations for you- #27 & #28 for you. Thanks & Cheers