Santerre Show Stables

I love the concept and how it allowed the logo to evolved as the time went by. After the first day, I was already pleased with some selection of very talented designers and thought, it couldn't be beat, but to my surprise, it got better and better.

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Winning design #1039 by noe_pran, Logo Design for Santerre Show Stables Contest
Gold Medal

designed by noe_pran

Project description

We are an importer of show jumping horses that we scout, train and sell. We also train horses and riders for the sport of show jumping. Our clientele is of the upper level class, the type of people that purchase Hermes, Burberry and Louis Vuitton on a regular basis. The logo will be embroidered into jackets, saddle pads and curtains as well as on letter and digital medias.

Our business is incorporated,  feel free to add an "Inc." To the logo if it works nicely. 

Also, since my company is Santerre Show Stables, all three word are starting with an "S" I do like the idea of using the letter as part of the Logo but certainly open to any suggestions

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  • Hello, Based on the type of client you describe, they are gonne be drawn to something more sophisticated, so we went for a modern take on heraldic mark, but with fewer elemet and flatter shapes that are more appealing to newer generations of customers, bust maintaining the sense of history, quality and pride. Same with typography, it has a flare that talks history, but with modern angles .Hope you like, team had a blast designing it. #1046
  • thank you for the feedback and i will change it soon
  • Let's redo that one without the " Glare" in the letters #1043
  • @santerreshowstables
    ok, I understand :)
  • Lovely, I don't need more variation, thank you #1042
  • please check :) #1042
  • Again, my preference is the Navy background exactly like this one and the white background exactly like in #1032 #1040
  • @santerreshowstables

    and all files will be sent in the format "eps, Ai, pdf, jpg, png"
  • my preference is the white background of this one and the navy background of #1027 #1028
  • @santerreshowstables
    ok :) I am open to making small changes after winning :) and I will be ready to help you.
  • :) please check #1029
  • is there anything that needs to be revised again from my design?
  • please check :) #1025
  • :) please check #1024
  • In addition to fixing the Stables show, please make Landscape a version with both, white and Navy back ground #936
  • I'd say put 1010,1009,1008 and 1007 ont the same page and you're done! it looks great. #1010
  • About #936, @creativeict please change the "Stables Show" to Show Stables in this one and #930
  • I like this concept but think it would fit a horse transport company rather than a training business #880
  • I prefer the more discret line in the letter A #946
  • Please change this for 2 portrait format and two landscape, right now, it's one landscape and 3 portraits #994