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It's my first time that I used Design Contest, but certainly not my last time. I'm very satisfied with this way of finding the right logo for my Company, and think it gives me a lot of options I never thought about. Thanks for a good service!

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Winning design #457 by Fyrethorne, Logo Design for Sanzi Beauty Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Fyrethorne

Project description

Dear Designer

We are a danish based cosmetic firm, which would like to get a logo designed for our firm.
We are placed in Copenhagen.

Our products are cosmetics and our first article on the market is eyelash growth serum, and the brand name is "Sanzi Beauty". We will supply high end products, which should have a touch of quality, purity and luxury.
The product is based from peptides, but please don't use peptide structure as logo.
We would like to have a simple, minimalistic and high end products therefore it's also important that this will reflect in the logo.

Please see attached file, that's the first draft for the packaging design, and here's an idea where the logo should stand on the packaging and a little idea about how the look for the packaging will be.
Please note it's only draft.

Sum up
- Minimalistic, classy, Scandinavian style. 
- Illustrate these values: Innovation, effective, loyalty and quality, trustworthy, honest, serious and professional. 

Please make a logo + the text "Sanzi Beauty"
Example: take a look on the picture from RAINS, so therefore I would also like you to find a text font for the "Sanzi Beauty".

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  • Hi Sir, I think your logo is almost perfect. Is it possible, that you can try to make it a little bit more compact/smaller? #457
    • About #457, @robert_friedrich Would you please clarify what you mean by "more compact, smaller"? Thank you.

    • @Fyrethorne Yes, just a little bit smaller in scale

  • new ,,regards #448
  • how do you think sir? #447
  • Beauty, luxury, and softness depicted in this design. There is a flower that describe the beauty of women, the image also means loving heart. Hope you love this design. Thanks. #442
    • @halimpu_art Thanks for your input! I think it's a little bit to ethnic, it has to be a little more simple. Also I really need to see it without 3d effect Thanks

  • Excuse me, how this logo sir? I am waiting for feedback from you, thanks,, regards #355
    • @vinoArt same as before, I like the emblem. Can you try to make it on a lighter background? Thanks

    • @robert_friedrich Can you please make it with no 3d effect, just as it would be on white or light grey background?

  • Sanzi Beauty #446
  • how do you think sir? regards #445
  • check it and give me feedback.
    thanks #431
  • mungkin kelihatan agak aneh lain dari pada yang lain, desain yang simpel ini menampilkan identik/cirikas tersendiri, dengan perpaduan huruf S yang di potong dengan teks DENMARK dalam liingkaran emas dengan latar hitam , memberi kesan, elegan, mewah dan kuat. silahkan penilaiannya, thanks!.. #426
  • Please check it and give me feedback.
    thanks #425
  • Hi,
    Please check it and give me feedback.
    thanks #422
  • New concept #419
  • Sanzi Beauty #418
  • Thanks for all incomming proposals. Inwould really appreciate to see some total different things, and please note what i do not like.
  • Excuse me, how this logo sir? I am waiting for feedback from you, thanks,, regards #359
    • @vinoArt I really like the emblem. Can you please try to make it with light (light grey or white) background? Then it's easier for me to see how it will look on packaging emballage. Thanks

  • New concept #358
  • Excuse me, how this logo sir? I am waiting for feedback from you, thanks,, regards #357
  • Can you please try to make the font/text a bit thigger a bit more like number 43?
    Thanks #258
  • how do you think sir? #262
    • @vinoArt I really like you emblem, can you change background color so I can see how it really looks when it gets on a packaging?

    • @robert_friedrich ok sir, I'll change the background,, thanks sir on your advice, regards

  • I like that the lines are thinner now, but can you try to make the emblem/lines more compact so there not are so much air between the lines? #343