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Winning design #362 by Kowalsky, Logo Design for Sarai Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Kowalsky

Project description

We want to design a logo for a new brand, it will be used in our company products, 
our company works in food sector, 
we are selling (spices - pulses - oils - dry fruits - rice)

The design will be to use Sarai word in different designs and ideas..
also Sarai in Arabic سراي

we are opening the door for the designers to choose the colors and the ideas and once we like something we will add it in the brief of the contest 

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  • please check #400
  • Hope you like it! #383
  • concept design, simple and focus on text typography .. leaves presenting the field of food and red colour reinforce typography text.. besides it has the meaning of a strong and courageous spirit that shows the image of the company .. clearly easy to resist and elegant .. hope you like my design.. #381
  • Hi, here is my first design, Hope you like it! #371
  • GOOD DESIGN #360
  • About #339, @Kowalsky

    Please provide the same design without the palace
  • Another option of the previous logo.. Thank you #356
  • New version with Both languages in same line.

    I think I should remove the "Palace Image" as some could see it as a "Mosque" and also could derivative "non Muslim" clients from your products.. same time, I still prefer the 2nd Ranked my design as the Main Language is English & the arabic is not a major part and also not an permanent attachment of the logo Icon therefore in future you can add any other Language at that place if you are expanding to Other markets/countries ... spanish/Italian/German/Urdu etc etc...
    Your feedback is Highly appreciated #354
  • #349 i hope you like it feedback plz.. #350
  • #349 awaiting for your reply feedback plz..
  • please feedback my design :) #347
  • Dear Sir, Please find my designs. Easy to read even if its printed in Small sizes.. Awaiting your valuable reply.. Thank you #338
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  • Hi, Sir
    Please check my design
    and Please feedback
    Thank you,. #332
  • Hi, Sir
    Please check my design
    and Please feedback
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  • About #329, @ThemesClouds


    Please see my design and let me know any other changes
    THANK YOU.. #325
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  • I hope you like this........... #320