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Winning design #2 by NamiLurihas, Logo Design for Sasqu Logo + icon Contest
Gold Medal

designed by NamiLurihas

Project description a food reviewing website i have the idea for the letter U being a bowl of soup, but go with what ever you want to express your style with. im looking for a nice clean eye catching design with maybe a picture within the text design that express a Sasquatch or some type of food related design (main focus should be food). hidden message + hidden image is definitely a plus! Simple is key something i definitely do not want to see is a font/text slap onto Photoshop and art filter work. as a designer, please come up with something that is unique and catchy.

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  • any feedback on my #1 and #2 ? a clear feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you
    • i like #2 blue version of Sasquatch, but not so much with the font style. need something more creative

  • TEST!!!
  • About #18: Hello kieu688, I have designed you a nice sasquatch looking logo. I had drew out the design first that I was looking for. And then I scanned it and then turned it into a vector design. I started using the browns but noticed that you were looking for some blue's. So I went for the "abominable snowman" type of sasquatch look. I hope you like and if you would like to see anything changed just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
    • the design wasnt friendly enough and the text style was plain

  • You can not replicate Client's idea suggestion from the brief;
  • not feeling the design
  • not exactly the style i was looking for.
    • Hello, I was wondering what style do you want the monster to be, cartoonish or serious, do you want the emotions on his face to be happy or angry or neutral?

  • Design #8 Hello, here is a unique Sasquatch, please let me know what you think and need on the design. Thanks.
  • too wordy
  • the text is not really catching my attention. sorry. the Sasquatch looks nice, but i still want the text to be the main focus of the design.
    • any reference i could use Sir? what kind of wordmark do you prefer. a clear feedback would lead me faster. thank you.

  • the Sasquatch looks like someone from "family guy" not in a positive way.
  • not sure what that is.
  • no creativity
  • i dont like the design and the concept of it. it just feel so plain without any creativity
  • the font needs more work, to make it unique and eye catching to draw more attention.
    • please do check my #36, i make 2 version, with and without the sasquatch.

  • the text style has a good start but it needs alot more work to make it unique and eye catching. the sasquatch is not the style i was looking for.
  • Dear CH! There's my design #25 for you. I would very appreciate some feedback from you! Thank you!
  • still not the font im looking for. its too plain with no unique style.
    • again CH, do you have any reference on what a unique font style that you looking for ?

  • i sorta like the idea of the text, but i feel like is not something i would want to use for my website. and the letter U is suppose to be a bowl, not a cup of hot water. the monster can be remove
  • the bowl needs to look like the letter U and a bowl at the same time. and maybe remove the border and play around with it.
  • maybe remove the sasquatch and just focus on the text. come up with something wow.