SavageManage needs a great logo to describe negotiation, leadership and conflict management services. Be the one!

I am pleased with the designs created for my new logo, with the revisions that I asked for and the responsiveness of a number of artists. The one I choose is simple, clear and provides the message I wish.

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Winning design #296 by AlexMara, Logo Design for SavageManage needs a great logo to describe negotiation, leadership and conflict management services. Be the one! Contest
Gold Medal

designed by AlexMara

Project description

I wish to create a new logo that will evoke unity, connection, significance, deeper wisdom and exploration. I am drawn to use a circle and an S in the graphic and am open to your ideas. I want to have the logo simple and unique. My favorite colors are navy blue, steel blue, earth green, white and black. I want to take the logo and then apply the words Negotiation Mastery Circle, Negotiator's Notebook and on the edge or bottom of the design. presence, perception, being, exploration and transformation are big parts of my work. Thank you.

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  • I could do the design #46 with some green earth, if you like more. Please, let me some feedback. Thanks.
  • Describes the concept consulting for worldwide solutions....
  • Sorry wrong upload. Just delete it. Thanks.
  • in the right direction, more like a brush stroke hoped for. period in wrong place.
  • The concept on this entry is to denote the unity (spinning circle), wisdom (ying yang feel), and connection (hands about to grasp together) requests with a symmetrical mark that produces an "S" in the negative space. Added a bit of brightness to the color scheme to give it some balance and account for the word "Savage"
  • more circle, no flag, and the company website is SavageManage not the company name. thank you
  • #178 and #179 Dear CH, Please check my design concept with different S symbol. any revision will be done. Thanks
  • dear ch, my new design... please do tell the corrections..
  • new design #166
  • Dear Contest Holder, About the logo: two hands shaking each other to form an s in the circle, defined as the logo of an agreement the two sides to build a togetherness. Simple and clear
  • Dear CH, Two "S" coming from opposing directions and converging in the middle of an orb, connected by a common goal.
  • Dear Contest Holder, This logo has a hidden meaning! It is Handshaking.:) 1 hand is consist of blue colour, and a "S" for Savage. and the other is consist of black colour, and a "M" for management. Hope you like it! cheers, Costa
  • the arrow on the logo represents exploration and direction... the spark may represents wisdom and connection. the circle incorporates everything which represents unity, and the S represents significance. hope you like it. :)
  • Dear CH, The revision of #132 as you requested. Changed the color of Savage to full dark blue and the Management Ltd. to green. I've also tweaked some parts to enhance the design. Click on the "I'd like to see a revision" if you want some changes on the design because I've already reached my limit of submissions. Your feedbacks on my designs are well appreciated. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, Here it is. The revision of design #129. As you requested, I remove the dots in the "A"s and put the logo above the "V". If you would like to see more revisions of this design, click on the "I'd like to see a revision" so I can still submit another revision because I've already reached the limit of submissions. We are only allowed up to 7 design entries per contest. Thank you for the feedback. Kind regards
  • Wisdom & Exploration look.
  • Elegant corporate look.
  • pink inner colour to green or yellow? words down to only my company name in strong blue and consistent font? nicely done
  • lettering Savage all dark blue and Management Ltd. in green?
  • without the dots on the As and logo over top of the V? This is very good.