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Winning design #193 by Dayadrana, Logo Design for SAVE Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dayadrana

Project description

SAVE is a consulting firm in “civil protection/civil defense”. Civil Protection/Civil Defense is an area highly specialized in emergency managment which seeks to preserve and care of the welbeing of the people, as long as their properties and assets from potential harm or lost caused from accidents or natural disasters. In México the law requires private companies to have  prevention emergency plans and practice frequent drills in case of such disasters. 

SAVE provides emergency managment consulting and professional training in Fire Prevention, First Aid and the use of emergency plans. SAVE has been trained 16,000 first responders per year under international standards  such as AHA (American Heart Association), NFPA and others.  SAVE also provides consulting in safety and occupational health standards.

It has 70 employees, is a young company that works under the Quality Management System IS9001:200 

 We are in constant improvement, and that why we are always seeking to refresh our image. We are looking to conserve the essentials of our logo and we ask you to please come out with  a proposal considering the following: 

*We would like to keep the typography or a very similar one. We don´t want a radical change, only an improvement, maybe some changes on the exterior sphere to make it look better.

*We need a more stable and balanced logo.

*If we could extract a differentiator simbol from the logo (maybe the letter “s”), taking for instance what the following company have done such as the “M” of Mc Donald´s Logo.

 *You could also give us a proposal with two colors, one of them would have to be the original blue (our current logo is in blue color and white background or White with blue background).

*We want to mantain a profesional and a high level consulting firm image for our clients which is in constant innovation “a market leader”.

*A company in movement.

*Focus to prevention. 

*Our actual slogan in english means: prepare, equip and act.

You can see our current graphic application in our web site:

You can find our current logo in attachment (.ai / .jpg)



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  • please check and feedback to my design,
    thangks #293
  • if any revision i will fix as soon as possible :) #284
  • i'm ready to your feedback #283
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  • Dear Sir,
    Here is my proposal, please review it and kindly leave feedback. Thank you.
    Dicty #275
  • please feedback to my design,
    thanks #262
  • designs won me because I 've worked hard with this contest . thanks #236
  • Rafirezeki, thank you but we need a "s" with movement. Thank you #197
  • OK, but the symbol is not integrated with the logo. We see two different elements, please improve it. Thank you #203
  • thank you, we need a "s" with more movement. #187
  • thank you, please use the original typography #186
  • Good job Dayadrana, a good improvement. If you have more proposals like this, please upload. #193
  • how about this sir? #186
  • hi jg. tolong dibantu saya desain baru. Terimakasih
  • Hi please share some feedback, i have customize the font a little and add a new logo symbol please have a look #180
  • Hope you like :D #178
  • please read the brief, thank you #123
    • About #123, @jcgarcia I do not understand what you mean

  • Please make the symbol a little more circular and adjust the background to the form. #148
  • please read the brief. thank you #142
    • @jcgarcia sir i am waiting for your feedback please see my designs and give some feedback

  • please read the brief. thank you #155