Scaffolding company needs recognizable logo

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Winning design #89 by VALADARES, Logo Design for Scaffolding company needs recognizable logo Contest
Gold Medal


  • Hello! =) This design includes the things i thought first when I read about your company (e.g. the truck, the scaffoldings or the arrow - because of the height of your buildings/scaffoldings) The KJ can be used for both of your companies, the only difference between them would be the text on the right side (atm I put "Industrial Transport" on the side but it can be easily be changed to "Industrial Scaffolding", just as you wish). I hope you like it and I'm looking forward to your comment.
  • Could we see the orange as navy blue and the brown as black
  • Could we see the blue as dark blue
  • Could we see the J a little less emphasised
  • Could we see the writing in a dark blue
  • Could you please take the thing of the J
  • Could we please see this with a darkish blue instead of the orange
  • For #33, I used the blue lettering, as requested. The "industrial scaffolding" did not look quite "right" in white against the blue, in my opinion, so I changed that to black with a white outline.
  • Here is the revision from #10, hope it more close to what you need, any feedback are welcome thx
  • Sorry, maybe a little lighter blue
  • Here is my review of the submitted logo Wait feedback thank you
  • Hi, I try some new color combinations. I hope you like some one of this.
  • Uma logomarca leve e ao mesmo tempo forte, de fácil leitura e aplicabilidade. Obrigado.
  • one design/one version unless requested by the contestholder
  • Procurei criar uma logo forte, bela e de fácil leitura. Por favor comente.
  • your entry is almost exactly like entry 26 please do not copy other designers ideas/concepts
  • Dear CH, here #60 is my other revision, base from #10,#30 it make more bold shape, easily to reconized from distance hope the idea is closer to what you needs, any feedback are welcome thanks
  • Valadares, we like this design and wish to buy it at the contest dollar value $310. Could we also get a copy of the logo in the blue sqaure without the 'Industrial Scaffolding'. Thank you
  • What kind of file should I send? EPS, CorelDraw or Illustraitor?
  • I'll send the file in CorelDraw. In PANTONE (below the art, is also written The PANTONE and Hex. Colors. Can it be so? (Sorry if I write wrong, do I use Online translator)! Please tell me if you know what I said .