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Designing a logo for a large company is hard sometimes, With design contest it made my expirence simple and easy. I look forward to having other items designed by Design Contest in the future. Brian CEO

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Winning design #46 by Creativitron, Logo Design for ScanMD Fire & Rescue Solutions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Creativitron

Project description

We are a company that designs, Builds and Installs Fire House Station alerting Systems, Sells Fire Pagers and Alpha Numeric Pagers. We are looking for a design that stands out and incorporates the fire and ems service into our company logo. Some things you may think about including could be... Fire Bell, Fire House, Radio Tower, Maltese Cross and/or Star of Life, Fire Helmet, Fire Pagers. The website is however for marketing and In the case of this logo we like to publish the address, This address does not have to be incorporated into the logo. Look at some of the attached logos and banners to get an idea of what we are looking for.

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  • Hi Ch, Really happy to be working with you. Please let me know what you think about #1, Any feedback would be great! Thank You
    • Looks great, I will have to wait for some more designs to reference changes and update requests.

    • Okay, great!, I'll be looking forward to this contest Thanks

  • 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 & 3 These all look like number 1, we need to get creative.
  • Hi CH, I added #5 with a tower like in the example file. Would love feedback on it. Thank You
  • Just a little to basic, you can use your imagination with colors.
  • This is kinda hard to read like the design, alltho it looks like design 1 more then anything.
  • Needs to be a little more eye catching little bigger maybe put something behind the maltese cross incorpirate some Communications into the logo.
  • I really like this one so far in the contest. I just wish it had a little more in the "Communications" Field.
  • please check #23. thanks blocpuzz. message please if you like concept. thanks - bp
  • Ilike all your designs the best so far. Instead of the black circle around the "S" of Scan inside the malteese cross can you make that a dark star of life. Another thought is to use the "M" as 2 radio towers beaming a signal to each other.. you seem to be having a lot of fun with this contest. Brian
    • Hi CH, Thanks so much for your suggestions, they are extremely important to me, I am having fun. The possibilities of designs for your logo are unlimited and I enjoy bettering myself. Ill submit new designs in a while. Best Regards, David

  • Hello brianbrown, due to my current level, I am limited to 5 entries per contest, so #20 will be my final. I would like to thank you for your generous ratings thus far, and wish you all the best with your company. I hope if my design was to steal the contest, we could work to perhaps incorporate some aspects of my others into the copy before sending. Thanks once again for your time.
  • hello brianbrown, thanks for the rating on my design #11! i was wondering what you thought was missing to keep it from top spot? i'd love to hear what you need and make the suitable amendments. Thanks for your time!
    • I have now submitted design #17. I hope it adds something extra with the hose. I wasnt sure whether to add in water or not, so I have included both versions for you to decide on. Feedback is welcome, thanks again for your time.

  • Hello CH, I've submitted #39 and #40. Open to criticism. Is it too simple? Are you looking for a more intricate design? Let me know. Thank you very much! :)
  • Inside the top of the Maltese cross put "Communications" and across the bottom put "Station Alerting"
    • Hi Brian, thanks again for taking time to comment on my designs. Please find the amended logo #30 , #31. Regards SJK

  • How can i improve my designs brianbrown? what are you looking for that im missing because i seem to have hit a wall with your marking.
    • It just doesn't pop out at me. I want something suddle, not to detailed but very eye catching. Your designs are good, don't get me wrong they just are not exactly what we are looking for. A lot of people are using the same idea over and over. I am game for something completely different if it meets the company views.

  • Hey Brian, I have submitted a new format incorporating a fireman's badge and emblem. Please check out #28. Thanks!
  • Hi Brian. Please find my entries #24 , #25 . Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
    • Hi Brian. Thank you for such a quick rating. Do you have any feedback relating to the designs. Regards SJK

    • It looks good, need to incorporate some type of Radio communications into the logo.

    • Thats great thanks, I will get on to that. Regards SJK

    • Hi Brian, Thank you for the feedback, please see entries #26 , #27. Regards SJK

  • CH, Thanks for the rating on entry #22. Please advise as to how I could enhance the design more to your liking. dlbonanno64
  • Hi Brian, I have tweaked #42 slightly and have come up with design #48. Would be great if you could comment. Regards SJK
  • Look at design 40, can you put a bell behind the S in the maltese cross?
    • Hi Brian, I just submitted #46 with the bell and some color changes. Honestly its been really fun working with you and coming up with new designs. 1st, 2nd or 3rd place would be awesome! I hope you found what you were looking for here at DesignContest. Thanks, David

  • Hi Brians, I have modified the logo a touch #42. Please let me know if I am heading in the right direction. Regards Stuart
    • Thank you Brian for the rating, do you have any comments, or anything you would like me to try with the logo

    • Maybe just a little to busy, I like it but my fellow workers seem to think its a bit much. Even if you not a winner I may still want number 42 for marketing and flyers

    • Hi Brian, i have taken your comments on board and have stripped it back to produce clean, sharp looking logo, please let me know what you think #43 , #44 , #45