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We are looking for an amazing logo that is great for our scavenger hunt walking tour app and game. We want our logo to show that our product is fun, unique, and kick-ass. The logo should reflect that we are a fun activity for tourists, family, friends, dates, and also a great way to see the city.

The logo should be designed around our game Scava Hunt. It could be a plus to incorporate "by"

We have no set color scheme. We would like the words Scava and Hunt to be different colors and for the Pin (should it be used) it be associated with Hunt not scava.

Think of Scava as something that could be identified as it's own company and Hunt as the service. For example: Uber (black wording) eats (green) or Google (rainbow) Drive (grey/black).


Our game has been offering city scavenger hunts powered by mobile smart phones for over a year.. The hunt leads your group across town to the best-known landmarks as well as hidden gems. Along the way, you and your teammates will complete fun photo challenges, test your knowledge of local trivia, and solve riddles that will bring your entire group together. 

Our customer base consists of both locals who want to learn more about the city they live in and tourists. We need a logo that shows off the activity.

The current url is, however we are going to start using after the contest and rebrand.

Want the opportunity to design a logo that is displayed across 141 cities and 5 countries? Now is the perfect chance! 


- Flat design

- Playful pin 

- Emphasize pin on hunt (or go or word) 

- Techy but fun

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  • The pin needs to be associated with the second word and we like it but would like to see it a bit more playful #79
    • @bigcityhunt Thanks for the feedback ch, New logo #176 #177 #178 Gabriela ;)

  • Hope u like #173
  • Used the pin icon to locate within the city. #170
  • Hi,

    As per your design brief I have envisioned this logo.
    Any comments/suggestions are welcome to improve this design.

    Thanks for your time,
    eshtiyak #168
  • Full logo and also the pin could be used as a standalone app icon or graphics. #160
  • Dear Sir, I have taken the approach of using the Pin as GO as wells a funny human icon , You can see the GO as eyes. Awaiting your valuable reply on the same.. Thank you #157
  • @bigcityhunt
    Hi there, can you make a blind contest on your project? Just to keep the originality from the designer, thanks, regards
    • @remora Hi, unfortunately we like the transparency of having an open contest. Sorry if that makes you uninterested in working with us :(

    • @bigcityhunt Sorry sir, that's not what i mean. i am still interested and still excited about your project. i will keep trying the best i can do to create the design for your project. i really appreciate your decision about transparency on this project, i believe, You are wiser to give an assessment of all the incoming designs, many talented designers here, I believe you can get the best design, appropriate for your project. thank you. best regards.

  • reworked pin #153
  • We like that this is a flat design #21
  • About #141, @bigcityhunt
    Thanks for your assessment, I will try to continue this concept better, and I am open if you give advice, thanks
  • This is a very nice peice of art but needs to be simplified to be a logo
  • I like how this takes a different approach then other submissions #125
    • @bigcityhunt I try something different from the others, but have not been able to make you interested. I will make better. thank you

  • Thanks again for the feedback, so far what changes can I do that suits your direction #27
  • ScavaCity Is an interesting idea #55
  • I like the sleek simple feel of this design #21
  • I like how this skyline looks modern #145
  • I like the idea of the map along with the pin #141
  • I like the playfulness of this pin #119
  • I appreciate the simplicity and techy/future feel of this design #45
  • I enjoy the creativity of having the building say scavahunt #27