It was a positive experience. We got what we were hoping for. It was our frst time creating a contest so it was a bit uneasy communicating with designers.

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Winning design #93 by cobalt, Logo Design for Schrijvershub Contest
Gold Medal

designed by cobalt

Project description

We are a Dutch company with an online webshop that publishes and sells e-books from novice writers. We are a young team with a refreshing outlook on book publishing: modern internet technology, no paper wasting, no dusty offices. We are looking for a logo that displays these characteristics. A fresh, modern logo that incorporates what we do. Colors displayed below are used on the website. It would be nice if the same or complementary colors were used on the logo. We would also like to show that we are ‘green’ but it's not neccesary and shouldn’t be the main focus. The logo will be used in ePub files so it must look good in monotone. It can be playful but not childish. About the name: Schrijvershub is Dutch for 'Writershub'.

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  • Sorry about the colors (#3) I can fix those, it was the CMYK > RGB change when converting to a .jpg, thanks so much for your considerations!
  • Dear CH, I've submitted #21. Any feedback would be appreciated. Regards, Lupo
    • The idea and implementation is nice, but I think pencils represent drawing more than writing. Thanks for the entry!

    • Thanks for the feedback. Would you like me to try and put a pen instead of a pencil? Regards, Lupo

    • No thank you, this is not what we have in mind, however we are open to new designs. Regards!

  • Dear CH, Please see #23. It is a feather (writing) with the shadow of a arrow (digital). Any feedback will be appreciated. Regards,Lupo
    • We really like the way you put these two things together! However is it possible to change the feather color from yellow to blue (see brief). The arrow is a bit too dark for our liking also. Could you play around with the colors, positioning of 'Schrijvershub' and the font? Thank you for the efforts!

    • Thank you for the feedback. I will upload the corrections and new fonts ASAP.I'm also considering implementing the S in the logo and i'll try that as well. Thank you once again. Regards,Lupo

    • Dear CH, Considering your feedback I've submitted #33. I've changed the color of the feather (brief) and I've made the arrow lighter. Also I've played with the font and colors in it. Regards, Lupo

    • Hi Lupo. We like the improvements. Colours and font look good. Is it possible that you upload some alternative arrow shapes?

    • Hello Martijn, I will do my best and give you different arrow options. I will try my best to upload them ASAP. Thank you once again for the great communication. Regards, Lupo

    • On second thought we would like to see the arrow changed to a different dropshadow. It can be small and doesn't have to reflect the complete feather. Also the letters should be aligned and a different font once again. Appologies for the change! Thank you!

    • Hello Martijn! No apologies needed. Considering your feedback I decided to try something different and submitted #59, but then I had another idea and so came #61. Please stay in touch. Regards, Lupo

    • Thank you. We like the original design #33 better. We just wanted to see the shadow smaller and a feather shape, so forget the arrow shape. #61 we like the font and text colour of this design. Thank you.

    • Hi Martijn. Thank you for the feedback. How about #92? Regards, Lupo

  • Hello, I made three versions of the logo,#28, #29 and #30; one that has the effect seemed to be taped to the book, one that marks the time of sending books online # 30, and one as a combination of the two, is one of transparency and one as a combination of books accurately spaced along the edge of the font. Maybe you will enjoy some of this, I have many ideas, but somehow I like the most # 28th Thank you very much, krisdesign
  • About: #9 We like the idea of the e-reader and the layout in entry #20 looks nice. We're missing a link to 'writers' who are a central focus in our company. Thanks for your efforts!
    • |--|

      martijnpieter {*wrote*}:
      About: #9 We like the idea of the e-reader and the layout in entry #20 looks nice. We're missing a link to 'writers' who are a central focus in our company. Thanks for your efforts!
      |--| I have substituted the bookshelf in the original design for a typewriter. #25

  • About: #8 Thanks for your entries. We really like how you implemented the fountain-pen into the logo. Especially in redesign #17 and #18 they stand out. However we would like our logo to have a hint of the ‘digital word’, any ideas to include that somehow?
  • About: #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 Thanks for your entries. However the logo's don't appeal to us, there's a lot going on but nothing really stands out. Thanks you!
  • About: #1 #2 #4 Thanks for your entries but this is not what we are looking for as it is a bit too simple.
  • Hi I made a proposal (two layouts), please take a look at #36 and #37 and feel free to comment. Thanks Andrei
    • Thank you for the designs. We like how they look in monochrome but in the colour version the grey is a bit too dark. Also the book is a bit too thick. Thanks again!

    • Hi thanks for the feedback. I Made the book thinner and also created a version with the "tablet" blue as the book with a break from it and another with a lighter (333) gray. Let me know what you think about #65 adn #66 Andrei

  • Hey Martijn, I've uploaded my design for Schrijvershub; #42 & #41. I think it's exactly what it needs, fresh, recognisable en met een Nederlands tintje. Feedback would be very welcome. Groetjes, Jochem
    • Bedankt for het design! However it's a bit too simple for our taste. Groetjes!

  • About: #27 We like the nice and clean theme. However we are missing something 'digital' in it. Thank you for the efforts!
  • About: #34 #35 We like the logo. It's creative and clean but it's missing an eye-catching feature. Could you maybe play around with the colours a bit? Can you change the text colour to grey (#333). Try a circle or frame around the drawing. Also 'ebook store' should be removed. Thank you!
    • thank you for your feedback, here's two more revisions #56 and #57. I tried to play around with the colours (not sure we can use all colours described in the brief , it seems that either blue/grey or red/yellow are the best options.I Also added a circle around as you requested ... Anyway let me know if I'm on the right track. About your grey colour , are you sure about #333 code ?

    • Sorry, the grey color was intended for the company name only, it's too dark/harsh for the logo itself. Also, we are looking for a combination of colors that works, so no need to use all the coulours in brief. We like blue as primary color and a complementary colour would be nice. Can you experiment a bit more with the original design? #34

    • 3 more revisions #75, #76, #77 using the right grey for company name. I also tried add a bit of green as you mentionned it in the brief. waiting for your feedback. thank you.

    • Thank you for the designs. We would like you to make 2 modifications to see how it looks: 1. For #77 can you remove only the blue outline of the circle but leave the grey filling? 2. For #76 please can you try to convert the green in the logo to a bright colour in between red and orange? We want to compare to see how it looks. Thanks in advance.

    • just posted a couples of revisions with red, orange and green with and without circle. Hope you find the right one. feel free to ask if you want to try other colour combinations.

    • We are very happy with #89. Can you please implement the shadow effects of #90 into #89? Last thing can you align the company name on the right side of the logo to make it more horizontal?

    • #93 shadow effects added (glad you noticed it!) and company name move to the right side.Anyway logo files can be delivered with name on right/left/top/bottom or even without the name (logo only) depending on your needs.

  • hi CH,How is this #53 ...... I need your feedback......Thank you.
    • Thank you for the input. However this is not what we are looking for.

  • Hello CH, my designs #71 and #72. If you like - feedback me and we can make some changes in colors. Best regards
  • My designs #63 and #64 shows S as a negative space, hope you will like it. Thanks
  • About #33 Thank you Lupo for your enrties and input. We appreciate it. Sorry it didn't completely work out. Good luck with future designs! Greetings Martijn
  • Thank you for all the entries. We will award the medals today around 7pm CET due to our busy schedule.