scoop shack

Great experience..alot of great designers with ideas beyond my imagination..and I thought I was the creative one.


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Winning design #192 by mithunpopey, Logo Design for scoop shack Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mithunpopey

Project description

ice cream shop

use of pink teal and brown

somewhat modern  with scoop in pink and shack in brown

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  • thanks you very much for your feedback sir, #230
  • scoop shack #229
  • how about this design, your feedback is very important, thank you very much #223
  • Dear Sir
    please check this version. Hope you like. Thanks #212
  • I hope you will like it #211
  • Love this T-Shirt design. Also love the character as it brings life to the design in a way that will bring that smile to everyones face as they visit the "Scoop Shack" Thank You! #210
  • Hi, here we added the cow to the design. Can't help but notice how this design stick out and grabs your attention. There is a fun and happy presence in the design. Thank You! #209
  • Hi, I added some of the color from the "Scoops" font into the ice cream which helps the eye have a smooth flow with the word. Thank You! #208
  • Hi, I hope this makes it to one of your top picks with the changes I made to the design. Notice we are using 1 "S" for both words. This simplifies everything and makes it more interesting. I like how we color broke the "S: to help identify the 2 words. The ice cream cones are much nicer now while still being able to read "Scoops" without second guessing. The over all design is simple with a lot of impact. Thank You! #207
  • Dear Sir
    thanks for your feedback. please check it. hope the size of first s is ok now. Thanks #205
  • Dear Contest Holder, Please check this one. Thanks :) #204
  • Hi, this version has the other animated character standing on the 2 scoops of ice cream. Notice we changed colors of shack to relate to the different flavors. Thank You! #199
  • Hi notice how well the design works on any packaging you may use. Very clean design that brings a smile to your face. Thank You! #198
  • Hi, as you can see the character can really be animated and brings some excitement to the design. Thank You! #195
  • Hi, here we created a fun character go go along with the title. Notice we made the ice cream different colors to bring them to life. Thank You! #194
  • I made the new adjustments. Thank you! #193
  • Can we use a mascot? Maybe a cow for instance?
  • Dear sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #188
  • Dear sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #187
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. thanks #186